Democrats Compete to Kill Most Jobs

And they wonder why companies are moving to Switzerland

The detachment of US politicians never ceases to amaze us - they blab on and on about made-up class divisions and talk endlessly about how wealthy need to pay their "fair share" - all the while never focusing on reality which is, anyone with the drive and ambition in the US can make it to the top and become wealthy.

The greatest irony of all of course is hearing about manufactured class divisions from President Obama - a minority who went from having a single parent and living on food stamps to Harvard and the Presidency - while becoming a millionaire!

And as if this were not not enough, each year, poor people from around the world escape their own countries to come to the US and many quickly become millionaires as well. And generally with immigrants, English is not their first language - putting them at a major disadvantage.

Instead of celebrating the hundreds of millions of people who have been pulled out of poverty worldwide because of the current US quasi-capitalist system and trying to help everyone make it to the top, leading Democrats like Pelosi, Reid and Barney Frank have continued their war on the productive job creators of this nation through policies, threats and speeches. Let us not forget Hillary Clinton who believes that no matter how much US tax payers shell out - it is not enough - and she says we need to emulate Brazil of all places. One wonders if the Democrats have a secret competition going on between them to see who can destroy the most jobs for their citizens.

Should anyone be surprised that after pumping trillions of dollars borrowed from other countries into our economy, it is not producing many if any jobs? The US would be far better off if politicians stopped trying to target the successful while not spending any money at all. Our country and culture are incredible and our nation has lifted itself out of every problem we have ever been confronted with.

Instead of letting us solve the problem through entrepreneurship - something which has worked for 200+ years, politicians can't help themselves from killing the spirit of the new business creator as they threaten higher and higher taxes on individuals - knowing full well that most small businesses are taxed at the individual rate.

As a result, these companies are now fleeing to Switzerland to take advantage of their lower taxes - in such great numbers that the Swiss are concerned.

Way to go Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Frank and Dean and many other liberal/progressive Democrats - you have taken the US - a country which was once the best place to start a business and are destroying it - with terrible policies, rhetoric and tax increases - all the while creating the most uncertain business climate of our lifetimes.

And some still wonder why most of the Democrats were thrown out of office.
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