How NOT to Compete with India and China

Whether you are on the left or right - the one thing we can all agree upon is that when people are given enough to make them comfortable - they quite often become less interested in working and producing. Most people work to generate income - take care of their family and their health, etc.

The more they receive without working - the less requirement there is to be productive.

Austin Hill details the fact that fewer Americans want to work - in part because of Obamacare - and this should scare the heck out of all of us. Not because "free" healthcare is evil but because an nation which is given increasing incentives to not work will get its clock cleaned by countries where the work ethic is greater.

We believe that if the US is to compete with developing countries - we need to explore what they do and we don't. In other words, what makes the US uncompetitive? The first thing to note is that regulations, taxes and lawsuits are relatively nonexistent in the parts of the world where our jobs are going.

So to compete, we need to consider emulating these ares - while keeping minimal safety nets and important regulations in place.

The other option is to keep spending on new programs and printing money to pay for it all. Printing money is something the US is getting very good at and the result will be what it always is - the value of the currency will decrease and the cost of all our goods will increase.

I came across this blog post which has a major anti-globalization slant and there is an excerpt worth sharing regarding the ability of the Obama administration to slow the spread of jobs to other countries with regulations and fees:
Obama and the U.S. Congress have just been piling on more taxes and more regulations and have made the business environment in the U.S. so toxic that it is amazing that anyone is willing to stay in this country at this point.
This is exactly the case. Imagine you own a company making razor blades in the US and the Obama administration continues to increase taxes and healthcare costs on you and your workers and adds new regulations and threatens you with more. What do you do? Well, you more than likely move the whole company or as much of it as you can to another country where you don't have to deal with these issues.

In other words, there is a tendency to blame the companies for moving jobs offshore - Obama LOVES to do this. And it is brilliant. He makes sure his policies push jobs overseas allowing him to blame others for a situation he is directly assisting. What a win-win. You see he needs a villain to blame - companies, those evil corporations - while he ensures mass poverty in the US - millions of people so dependent on the government they are bound to vote for Democrats who will continue to increase regulations and entitlements. And the cycle continues.

Isn't it common sense that if you keep passing bill after bill regulating virtually every industry and calling other industries out for being fat cats and irresponsible, you push jobs out of the country?

We just hope the American people realize this fact to an even greater extent in the next election.

Moreover, we hope the poor who are looking for work understand the policies of limited government, regulation and taxes is the best environment for job creation.

One last point - it is illogical for the US to pass regulations keeping US companies from hiring overseas workers or to make it harder to do. Why? Well Let's look at Dell... They sell computers made in Asia but produce jobs in the US. If there is a new regulation making it difficult for Dell to outsource then they will lose business to other companies not based in the US and eventually shed more American jobs.

The only solution to getting more workers wanting to work and more employers to hire is to reduce entitlements, taxes, fees, lawsuits and regulations while giving incentives to people starting new companies or hiring.

We hope the new Congress will have a major impact in heeding our advice because if there is one thing Obama, Reid, Pelosi and Bernanke have shown us is how NOT to compete with India and China.

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