Jack Welch Tells New Congress How To Stop Obama's Job Killing

Jack Welch, one of the world's best CEOs and former head of GE explains the NLRB, EPA and FCC are  being used by the Obama administration to kill jobs. One example of how this is happening - is allowing the EPA to regulate carbon emissions - basically the gas we exhale. With this new power granted to the agency they could greatly restrict business production of the gas and theoretically shut down job-creating businesses which happen to use electricity.

Former GE CEO Jack Welch explains how the new Congress should fight like hell to stop President Obama from killing jobs secretly through a variety of regulatory maneuvers

Welch points out indirectly how the president is back-dooring legislation which should be approved by the Congress - ideas such as card check - something unions want passed and the main reason massive union dues have been funneled to Democratic campaigns these past years. He says Congress needs to make noise and hold hearings on many of the job-killing policies the administration is embarking upon. He says - do not let Obama secretly regulate these industries.

You may recall, both Jack Welch and Home Depot founder Ken Langone have explained in detail why Obama's policies have been bad for business.
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