Please Give Pelosi One More Shot

nancy-pelosi-sign.jpgWe agree with Left Coast Rebel 100% that Nancy Pelosi should be given an opportunity as House Minority Whip. Nothing and we mean nothing would remind the American people more about the disastrous Democratic policies of the last few years where Ms. Pelosi has helped rack up $5 trillion in debt and devalued the U.S. dollar like no other person in history.

So Democrats - please ignore the fact that Ms. Pelosi presided over the largest number of seats lost in the House in 62 years and the fact that after the largest spending increase in history, the only jobs she's created are for Republican politicians and their staffers.

Please, just give her one more chance and ignore any derogatory signs you may have seen on the Internet. After all, the problems of the past aren't her fault - blame it on George W. Bush and the Slurpee-drinking party of no.

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