Tea Party Elects More Minorities than Democrats

For a group of people who were called racist by political leaders, "objective" news anchors, much of Hollywood and virtually anyone who disagreed with them - it should come as a huge surprise that the Tea Party elected more minorities into office than the Democrats this past week.

This Patriot Talk blog won't be holding our breathe waiting for an apology because we know we aren't getting one.

Here is an exchange from a humorous Glenn Beck radio show pointing out the irony of the situation:

GLENN: I don't know. By the way, Pat, why don't you give me the outcome on how racist the GOP and the tea parties really are.

PAT: Do you really want to go down that road?

GLENN: I think we expose it. I think we have to say how racist they are.

PAT: Couldn't we just ignore it? Because it's so awful and hope people don't notice it?

GLENN: No, let's address it and make sure we get it out in the open. Let's lance this racist wound. Go ahead.

PAT: The racist, horrible, hateful Tea Party elected more minorities than Democrats did. Including Governor Sandoval in Nevada or was that -- yes, Nevada. First Hispanic governor. Brian Sandoval, Latino Republican. They elected him. New Mexico elected Susannah Martinez, nation's first Hispanic female governor. Florida, of course, elected Marco Rubio, son of a Cuban immigrant. And South Carolina elected Republican Nicky Hailey, state's first female, whose parents immigrated from India, as well as Tim Scott, the state's first black Republican Congressman. There's a few more. There's Allen West, the first black Republican elected to Congress from Florida. Since a former slave served two terms in the 1870s. Two Latino republicans from Texas, Congressman Bill Flores and Francisco Canseco. It's awful. A racist bloodbath.

GLENN: Let's try to figure out, let's just try to figure out what is the game the Republicans and Tea Parties are playing? What is it? Because you know they're not doing it because they're judging someone by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.

STU: No, they're not trying to find the best candidates.

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