Fox and MSNBC to Gain More Share Fom CNN

CNN invented the 24x7 news genre and in the last ten years has found its market share dropping against Fox News and more recently MSNBC. According to Larry Kramer the reason has to do with time. People don't have time for all the analysis he says so they gouge their opinion based on what MSNBC or Fox news says about a particular situation - like a new Supreme Court Justice nominee.

The idea according to Kramer is less time = less patience to do the homework ourselves and we allow others to do it for us instead.

While I am no expert on MSNBC - I watch it only occasionally, it is worth pointing out that Fox News makes a major effort to present all sides to a  story.

O'Reilly in particular has pivoted to the center-right since Glenn Beck's popularity started to soar. Bill has many guests on the left and debates them on the merits time and time again. You can see him occasionally biting his tongue as he is generally pretty conservative but seems to go out of his way each night to ensure he is "fair and balanced" as the slogan says.

Other areas to note are that Fox has a visually appealing lineup of hosts and a great viewing experience as opposed to most other news stations.

One last point is consistency - the anchors and programming on Fox News have been there for many years and this allows viewers to build loyalty with the line-up.
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