Tea Party Race Card Played by Howard Dean

We Continue to Believe the Democratic Politician Seems Most Reasonable When Screaming

Rather than seeing the Tea Party as what it is - a massive grass-roots movement initiated by Americans who are fed up with large government and re-distributive progressive ideals which end up hurting the very people they are supposedly helping, Dean once again plays the race card saying the Tea Party is uncomfortable with the current demographic shift in the US.

Dean does not let facts get in his way of course - totally ignoring that the Tea Party just elected more minorities than Democrats - instead, he goes on to show that the only thing less coherent than his screaming is his rambling.

While racism was often used to discredit the Tea Party in its early days, sane people have come to the realization that there are likely the same number of racists in the Tea Party as any other group of people such as Democrats or Republicans.

But rather than debate the merits of his arguments - for example, how can he explain taking more money from the private sector which is currently used to create jobs will create more jobs?

Morover, if most people start or grow new companies because of the potential to become wealthy, how can lowering the amount of wealth a person can achieve, increase the rate of new business creation and subsequently job creation?

Other arguments you will see Dean avoid are how can placing any able-bodied person on government assistance for many years or decades make them a productive member of society enabling the US to compete effectively with our new competitors in China and India.

Moreover, has anyone ever seen him address how borrowing money from countries with terrible human rights abuses - ones we don't consider allies, enables the US to negotiate for better rights in such countries?

We haven't.

No, for Howard Dean, the argument is that the Tea Party is racist and Republicans are bad because they believe that everyone should have the opportunity to succeed and by providing society with maximal opportunity, they have the maximal chance of becoming self-sufficient and potentially wealthy. Moreover, conservative principles achieve something no Democrat wants for the poor - the dignity of being able to provide for themselves - free of the need for government assistance.

America continues to be the land of opportunity and hordes of immigrants come to the US every year to escape large-government and/or religious/racial/class oppression, in order to start companies or work in other roles which help provide jobs for countless others.

Yet Democrats conveniently ignore the fact that someone with English as a second-language but the desire to make it to the top can come to the US and become incredibly successful. And they discard the fact that this happens regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation - in the US - we truly (for the most part) judge you based upon your character, knowledge, skills and ability.

Other countries have rigid class structures which encumber the entrepreneurs - people will ask you your last name and about your father and mother and use this information to ascertain if they should loan you money or give you an opportunity. In the US we are so very fortunate to not have such problems - and liberal Democrats do not want you to know any of these facts as it hurts their case. They will tell you the system is rigged and the poor can never become wealthy. They are proven wrong on a daily basis yet they never address the fundamental flaw in their argument.

And when you know you will lose on the merits, it seems the smartest move is to play the race card - or perhaps let out an equally incoherent ehawww!

It is the opportunity afforded by keeping your own money and minimal government interference which keeps the American dream alive and as government grows and the opportunity to succeed diminishes in lockstep, those immigrants - like the one responsible for helping launch Google - Sergey Brin and Nadji Tehrani who came to the US from Iran in the 1950s to eventually launch TMC will go elsewhere to create companies.

If you want to learn more about people escaping other countries because of persecution and intolerance - you should know Nadji Tehrani as a non-Muslim in a Muslim country was not allowed to touch fruit in stores because it would make the fruit "unclean." Moreover, Brin was discriminated against as well in the Soviet Union and escaped to the US and is now living the American Dream.

If Howard Dean gets his way and continues to punish the successful for being well - successful and as a result kills more opportunities for others to succeed, his Utopian vision of mass equality where we are all destitute and standing in line in the hopes of potentially getting a piece of bread will be realized.

We truly hope in 2012, the Tea Party will come out in full force once again and put Mr. Dean in his place where in our estimation is likely plowing a field somewhere in central Cuba.

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