Washington Elite Disconnect

If you graduated college and live in the DC area you are less than half as likely to think Sarah Palin is qualified to be President. So says a Politco poll which is full of useful information which shows fairly consistently that Washington elites are somewhat if not totally disconnected from the rest of the population.

Consider that this month, 38% of the DC elites think the economy is headed in the right direction but only 26% of the general population believes this is the case.

The poll itself shows why the disconnect is taking place. We know that the Obama administration is responsible for the largest federal payroll in history so we would assume that government workers and those who feed off them are very happy. Moreover, the average government worker makes twice what the typical non-government worker makes. We also know the real estate market in DC is doing well - again because the White House has grown government at the expense of the private sector who in the end has to mop up the deficit, debt and interest.

Sarah Palin's recent interview with Barbara Walters

This is why when the general population was asked if the current economic downturn has affected them, 72% said yes. This compares to just 26% of Washington elites!

The one area where the elites seem to actually be in touch with the population is in response to the question "Do you think the political system in Washington is broken?" The general population answered in the affirmative with a resounding 69% while the elites put the number at a higher 75%. The good news here is at least the people in-part responsible for the broken system are acknowledging it.

But getting back to being out of touch - 28% of the general population believes the Tea Party is a fad while 70 of Washington elites believe this is the case.

What really is interesting about the poll is the alleged elites show how idealistic they are - they do this to the point of showing their inability to see reason. When asked about what the focus of Obama's State of the Union Speech should be next year, 13% of the general population said it should be reducing the deficit. 19% of elites - about 50% more than the general population selected the deficit as their biggest concern.

In addition, when asked what the new Congress should tackle first, 35% of the general population said the deficit while 50% of elites agreed.

So elites are very very concerned about the deficit - especially as compared to the rest of the country.

But what is baffling is that only 40% of the general population would vote for Obama as President if the election was held today yet 60% of elites would vote for him.

So if you are college educated and live in DC you are much more concerned about the deficit than the rest of the country. And your solution? Elect the person responsible for the largest run up in debt in our lifetimes for another term.

Following this line of reasoning why wouldn't we put Bernie Madoff in charge of the Federal Reserve.

A handful of Washington elites run this country. We suspected they were out of touch and surveys like this show that the elites may be better educated than the rest of the country but they aren't smarter - just more insulated, feeding off the big-spending government ways which are driving the country towards bankruptcy.

The rest of us must continue the push towards limited government with an increased focus on states rights and individual liberty.

Polls like this show us why the era of large, over-reaching, ever-expanding government must be replaced by less regulations, agencies and bureaucrats which will result in maximal freedom and a return to the roots of self-reliance and personal responsibility which made this country so great.

-- Rich Tehrani
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