Herman Cain = Hope and Change for the Responsible

Who can argue with Herman Cain's comments about eliminating debt and Obamacare? Now this is hope and change the fiscally responsible can believe in. While I know little about Cain, I am impressed with his matter of fact style and he seems to resonate with many. As a businessman, I think he would do wonders for the country because he understands what business needs to get the economy going and to start hiring.

The one challenge is as a non-politician he may not be what America is used to. But if he does become a Republican frontrunner, the choice will be between Four more years of Obama which could certainly plunge the US into what I call a Krugman Death Spiral or the alternative which is fiscally responsible governance not bent on destroying the value of the US dollar.

What I find most ironic about Obama winning as President is the low income people who saw the man as their savior is directly responsible for the massive spending which has in-turn makes it challenging for these people to have enough money to heat their homes, fill their gas tanks and put food on their tables.

Conservatives (which are not necessarily Republicans) predicted this happening - you may remember my prior writings about the Weimar Republic and how the money was printed in such vast quantitates it devalued to the point where it was used as wall paper.

I have written before about how unintended consequences are a problem for all politicians - regardless of party.

As Reagan said eloquently and correctly, government needs to get out of the way and stop taking away our liberties via massive regulations which kill jobs and hurt the very people they claim to be helping.

One last point which must be made is I relish the fact that when Herman Cain takes on the fiscally irresponsible - many would say suicidal policies Obama has embarked on with respect the the US Dollar, liberals will be forced to defend their position without relying on cries of racism.

Let's see if liberal journalists cut Cain the massive slack they cut Obama on point after point.

Written by Rich Tehrani
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