Obama Refuses to use the word "Taxes" - Calls them "Revenues"

Obama just can't bring himself to use the word "Taxes" in his press conference on the debt and deficit today (Friday July 15th, 2011). He repeatedly called them "Revenues". Just call them what they are - taxes. Several times in his press conference he used his codeword. Here's one example - Obama said "The American people support a balanced approach. 80% of the American people support an approach that includes revenues and includes cuts." [replace revenues with taxes and make more sense] What a minute... 80% of Americans support a revenue (aka tax) increase? Even if you take out the 50% of Americans who don't pay income tax, 80% doesn't pass the smell test. Could Obama be lying again?

Further, revenues implies addition to the coffers with no subtraction. Unfortunately, when it comes to "taxes" there is always subtraction. More taxes result in corporations raising taxes, which results in them raising prices, which becomes a tax on every day Americans. Then they have less spending money, which further drags on the economy.

Add to the fact that taxes lead to corporations outsourcing to foreign countries with lower tax rates, further impacting American employment, and you can see why Obama uses the "codeword" 'revenues'. He just doesn't have the backbone to admit he wants to raise taxes on the American people, all the while demagoguing about corporate jet loopholes. Yeah, closing that loophole will surely solve out deficit problems.

If only $1 dollar in taxes resulted in $1 in revenue to the American Treasury. Alas, it is not so simple. $1 dollar in taxes might result in $0.50 in overall revenue or worse, since our economy is teetering on the edge. But Obama refuses to be straight with the American people.

Finally, Obama was the one who said "you don't raise taxes in a recession". He's flip-flopping worse than John Kerry. When does Obama earn his infamous moniker?
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