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Greece Enters Krugman Death Spiral

May 20, 2011 12:51 PM
Greece is facing another  - and this time major downgrade to its debt by Fitch and the continent's liberal policies may indeed bankrupt the EU. In the US - the Obama administration in partnership with Pelosi, Reid and liberal Democrats are not only modeling US policy on Europe they are trying to get to insolvency first. Paul Krugman of the New York Times is the biggest proponent in the media of spending well beyond our means and many use his writings as cover to behave financially in a way they wouldn't and can't in their personal or corporate lives.

I hope those who believe in fiscal responsibility and hope to leave a better country to their children will join me in utilizing the new and infinitely accurate term "Krugman Death Spiral" when referring to any country which spends beyond its means and subsequently spirals downward.

Obama Death Spiral works as well - or Reid or Pelosi - your call really. Continue Reading...
Ex-MSNBC personality Keith Olbermann is planning a new website to match a Twitter feed by the same name. Sadly, Olbermann like so many others who agree with him feel more comfortable demonizing those who hold alternate points of view than they do debating the issues at hand.

In our experience when someone holds a view which cannot be defended with logic, personal attacks soon follow. Such is likely the case with Mr. Olbermann's latest endeavor.

Fighting The Left's Libel

January 18, 2011 3:30 PM
As Dennis Prager points out, most of the country considers themselves either on the right or independent but the left has become successful by capturing the mainstream media and Hollywood. Personally, I would add university professors into the mix.

As Prager points out, the recent Arizona shooting shows the left will routinely lie about the right and change the subject when caught. Those people who watch the media objectively see the reality before their eyes and it seems finally, others are learning about how a newspaper like the New York Times uses its elevated position to assign blame to the right whenever possible - especially it seems when unwarranted.

Finally, with talk radio, the Internet and new stations like Fox News - the fastest growing news network in the country, the public is able to see ALL sides of the issues and make up their own minds. Continue Reading...

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