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Just What is Quantitative Easing?

November 15, 2010 9:30 AM
What is quantitative easing and why do we need it? This simple cartoon explains it all. You want to be seated before viewing this.

Last night we wrote about how the White House and Democrats in general are purposely pursuing policies which will kill jobs by raising taxes on small business owners. Congressman Paul Ryan explains on CNBC that not only are the Democrats raising taxes on job creators, they are being very nuanced with the facts  - inaccurately explaining that the tax increases will not kill jobs.

You see Democrats will tell you that only 2% of filers are affected by the tax increases - but what they don't say is it is half the income of small business will be hit with this tax increase! You see, the way the tax rules are set up, if you sell something on eBay and report it, you are considered a small business. That is why this argument is so divisive and why many on the left are able to twist the facts to their advanatage - knowing full well, they will be killing US jobs by raising taxes on small business owners.

While we attributed what the Democrats are doing to purposely killing jobs to increase government dependency - since government dependents generally vote Democrat. Congressman Ryan takes a slightly different view when saying, "Class warfare is effective politics because it prays into the emotions of fear and envy, but its really bad economics."

During the healtchcare debate where the White House said they would be trying to work with Republicans, Congressman Ryan explained to President Obama that the American people don't want Obamacare in its present form and he went on to say that Obama was not listening to the people. Continue Reading...

How NOT to Compete with India and China

November 14, 2010 10:27 AM
Whether you are on the left or right - the one thing we can all agree upon is that when people are given enough to make them comfortable - they quite often become less interested in working and producing. Most people work to generate income - take care of their family and their health, etc.

The more they receive without working - the less requirement there is to be productive.

Austin Hill details the fact that fewer Americans want to work - in part because of Obamacare - and this should scare the heck out of all of us. Not because "free" healthcare is evil but because an nation which is given increasing incentives to not work will get its clock cleaned by countries where the work ethic is greater.

We believe that if the US is to compete with developing countries - we need to explore what they do and we don't. In other words, what makes the US uncompetitive? Continue Reading...

Why Progressives Hate Glenn Beck

November 9, 2010 8:50 PM
And why we love him so much. There is no middle ground on this video with a bunch of post-election gloating - you will love it or hate it. And yes Alan Grayson has still lost.

I've heard from several of my fellow Republicans and some famous Republicans like Karl Rove say that Sarah Palin doesn't have the "gravitas" to be President. Why is that? Why is it that we've all been conditioned to believe that our President has to go to Harvard or Yale? President Obama's college records and SAT scores are a mystery and he's refused to release them. Continue Reading...

The Federal Reserve under the leadership of Ben Bernanke is in the process of doing something called Quantitative Easing 2 or QE2 – which means they will print money and loan it back to the federal government by purchasing its bonds – basically the idea is they will print money and subsequently lessen its value and generate inflation.

In response to massive so-called stimulus spending and QE1, the US dollar is losing its value and will be able to purchase less. Please take a moment and read about the Weimar Republic so as to understand the gravity of the situation. In that case, the government printed so much money that the currency became worthless and was used as wallpaper.

Continue Reading...
For a group of people who were called racist by political leaders, "objective" news anchors, much of Hollywood and virtually anyone who disagreed with them - it should come as a huge surprise that the Tea Party elected more minorities into office than the Democrats this past week.

This Patriot Talk blog won't be holding our breathe waiting for an apology because we know we aren't getting one.

Here is an exchange from a humorous Glenn Beck radio show pointing out the irony of the situation:

GLENN: I don't know. By the way, Pat, why don't you give me the outcome on how racist the GOP and the tea parties really are.

PAT: Do you really want to go down that road?

GLENN: I think we expose it.

Continue Reading...
U.S. News & World Report publisher Mort Zuckerman says the love affair with Obama is over and says he is a young man in a grown-up's game. While the president has been one of the most effective communicators in politics he has no management experience. Unlike other Presidents considered to be strong such as Clinton and Reagan who were both successful governors - Obama has not governed anything - a store, a company, a village - nothing.

The experience one gains from leading can only be learned - well - by leading. Continue Reading...

Moderate Democrat Says Obama Tone Deaf

November 6, 2010 7:31 PM
Sure you might expect Republicans to say President Obama and Nancy Pelosi are tone deaf after listening to them not connect huge Democrat losses with the fact that the country was voting against many of their policies. But when a moderate Democrat starts calling the White House "tone deaf" and saying there is a disconnect between the White House and the rest of the country, you realize the Democratic party has major problems.

Of course the Obama, Pelosi, Reid agenda is exactly what the country just voted against and amazingly, none of our leaders seem to get it.

Politico's Jonathan Martin has the details about these comments made by
Florida Democratic gubernatorial nominee Alex Sink on Politico.

Sink's closing comments perhaps are most important as they sum up what the American people have been saying for about a year,
“They just need to be better listeners and be better at reaching out to people who are on the ground to hear about the realities of their policies as well as politics.”

Obama for his part continues to be defiant and rigidly ideological about his policies - he said he has spent too much time legislating and not enough time persuading. Yet, no president in recent memory has made more speeches in less time.

The sense of this blog is that we don't expect the White House to pivot to the center like President Clinton - instead we should all be prepared for more speeches, more explaining, more YouTube videos, more Facebook entries and tweets.

But we would like to point out the media that the President is using are of the two-way variety - and we wonder, we really wonder - does the White Hous actually check to see what other people are saying on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter or will they be the only ones doing the "persuading?"

Continue Reading...

Our last Patriot Talk post yesterday focused on Keith Olbermann and delved into his dismissal of the Tea Party this past March and accusations of Tea Partiers and Republicans as having no conscience, no relevancy, being behind the wheel of a political Toyota and a home for nuts. We pointed out how wrong this man was - because rarely has anyone been so inaccurate with any comment. We further suggested he take a vacation as we saw his face on election night and sympathized with him - seeing how much stress he was under.

Today, Mr. Olbermann was suspended from NBC for violating the company's code of conduct which involved donating money to Democratic candidates. We are quite certain other conservatives - like us are surprised to hear MSNBC had been adhering to any code of conduct until this point.

The good news for Mr. Olbermann is he can finally take that trip to Cuba we suggested yesterday - the bad news is of course that one of most popular Tea Party bashers won't be on TV each day reporting on how a party which he dismissed as racist, fringe and extreme has caused an election swing not seen in over half a century - since 1938 to be exact. Continue Reading...
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