Tarragon Chicken and There It's gone Security

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Tarragon Chicken and There It's gone Security

Last week one evening after work, I noted that my herb garden was over flowing with tarragon. The last few years we have treated it like rosemary and left it in for the winter. Tarragon has proven to be quite hardy. With so much tarragon, I decided to make a Tarragon Chicken with Wild Mushroom Sauce entrée. It was excellent. It was so good that even though I made it on Thursday, it was selected as the recipe for the weekend. That allowed me to be a bit more casual and cook up some steaks with a potato gratin on Sunday. We actually went out to eat on Saturday since I already had a recipe to showcase. If I were going to make any change to the recipe, I might add some white wine to deglaze the pan or even a tablespoon of tomato paste for a richer sweet taste. However, the recipe as written is very good. Please enjoy a quick and easy to make Tarragon Chicken with Wild Mushroom Sauce.

IP Security Concerns

All too often, we get phone calls wondering if there are security concerns in using VoIP/SIP Trunking. I find the calls interesting because it is much easier for someone to eavesdrop on your calls today exiting a TDM PBX than finding them in the clutter of a bunch voice and data packets. However, we have been trained to be alarmed by anything that transits computers and firewalls. We have been told to be vigilant whenever a hacker might be able to penetrate our IT infrastructures. While it is certainly true, we do forgot where the greatest threat lies in a breakdown of security. The greatest threat is always within the business or enterprise. When a bank is considering its security for either money or data, it is always within that it must focus first. Then it can address outside threats. This is also true for a business or enterprise.

Therefore, the first step in addressing your security concerns involves managing administrative access. In addition to properly segmenting access, also, insist upon using strong passwords. Insist on the need to include capitalization, characters and numbers. These first two steps should help you address unintended access and disgruntled employees. The list of other things an IT department should do include proper disposal of laptops and servers, backing up critical databases with strong encryption, insisting on passwords being changed periodically (an annoyance but much better than having passwords in use for year after year) and finally, maintain your security patch updates. As weaknesses and viruses are discovered, the use of automated patch management software for distributing and managing security patches, hotfixes and updates across your servers and networks is essential.

On Wednesday, what role does your ITSP play in your IP communications security scheme?

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