Trusted OEMs and the Honest Truth II

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Trusted OEMs and the Honest Truth II

It is without hesitation that I reiterate Broadvox is agnostic with regard to your choice of PBXs, IADs or routers. You can visit our certified partner list to see the many companies that we work with on a daily basis. Of course, there are OEMs that stand out as partners. The current leader in accounts at Broadvox is Asterisk. We have the closest strategic relationships with Panasonic and ESI. We have great interactive marketing campaigns with Grandstream, NEC, Epygi, AudioCodes, and Dialogic. We do our best to maintain contact and support with all of our partners so that customers can be assured of getting their services up quickly and experiencing great voice quality. Our SIP Engineers continue to be the best trained in the industry with the broadest knowledge of IP PBX platforms.

Since I sent out the first conversation between Eric Thomas, CEO of FreedomVOICE and me regarding the decision process and benefits of Hosted VoIP verses Premise Based IP PBXs, I thought it would be a good idea to continue the series. Here is the link to Part II of The honest Truth.

Some of you wonder why I agreed to share a platform with a company selling a product that in most case competes with our SIP Trunking service. The answer is one I have given many times. FreedomVOICE and other members of the IP ecosystem are not my competitors. The more we get the business community to understand the benefits of IP communications, the more products and services we will sell. My competitors can be summarized as consisting of any TDM provider that continues to charge their customers up to three times the cost of our service. I am unwavering in this belief and have proudly shared the stage with Excel, Voxitas, AireSpring and other ITSPs. Do they share my belief? Probably not, but it doesn't matter. With a potential market of 3-4 million customers, there is enough for all of us.

Broadvox has one mission..."To be the premier provider of VoIP, SIP and IP communication applications and services delivered by the most skilled and motivated team in the industry." If we accomplish our mission, our customers will be happy, our partners enriched and Broadvox will continue to be a leader in the world of SIP.

See you on Friday.

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