Mama, Put Your Red Dress On and Put Down the Cell Phone

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David Byrd
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Mama, Put Your Red Dress On and Put Down the Cell Phone

I spent the weekend in one of my favorite food cites in the world, New Orleans. This was my first trip back since Katrina and it did not disappoint. I went to one of the classic places for a jazz buffet brunch, The Court of Two Sisters. The food was Creole, French and American. We sat outside in their courtyard and had a wonderful meal with a beautiful view. The remoulade sauce served with the crawfish and shrimp was the best thing I tasted. They also made eggs Benedict to order, which was a pleasant surprise. After the Court of Two Sisters, we had dinner at two newer venues, The Bourbon House, a Brennan's restaurant, and GW Fins. Both were good but GW Fins is not to be missed, the seafood combinations and flavors were excellent! We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary at GW Fins and the restaurant threw in dessert as a gift.

Put the Cell Phone Down

Obviously, Broadvox grows because people make phone calls. So, I am not against people making phones calls. And the future of IP Communications and our telecom ecosystem rest with mobile applications and cell phones. All of you that read this blog know that I recently proposed to our VARs that they should add mobility to their VoIP/SIP Trunking offerings. However, I was thoroughly annoyed by this woman in front of me in the buffet line at Court of Two Sister. With a plate in one hand, serving utensil in the other, she thought it appropriate to maintain a conversation on her phone delicately balanced between her cheek and shoulder. Moving slowly so as not to upset the balance of all she was holding, I could only stare and wish she would drop the phone in the caramelized apples prepares for the Bananas Foster.

Telephone etiquette has been lost, as cell phones have proliferated. It is now okay to stop a conversation mid-sentence if your phone rings. It is okay to speak as loudly as you can in an elevator because the signal is getting weaker. Well, I am here to say it is not okay. I carry my phone wherever I go. I am anxious if I leave the house without it. However, I do not maintain a call in the elevator.  Moreover, unless it is our CEO, Andre Temnorod,  or my wife, I will complete the sentence or thought.

New recipe next Monday and I promise something more studious on Wednesday.


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