Porchetta and Interop 2010

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Porchetta and Interop 2010

After a train trip to conduct business with TMC in Connecticut, I thought I may as well have pre-dinner appetizers at the Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station. After 16 oysters from all over North America and sea urchin, my appetizer kind of wiped out my desire for an entrée. Tuesday was better with two new locations found. Lunch was at a small takeout eatery called Porchetta. Chef Sara Jenkins wraps pork loins in pork bellies, seasoned with a salty paste of wild-fennel pollen, thyme, sage, rosemary, garlic, and pepper. These logs of pork are tied and oven-roasted for hours until tender inside and crispy outside. Although, this is take out location, there are six seats inside which served us well. It is worth the taxi ride to the east side to eat this well known and loved Italian dish. For dinner we went with French at L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon inside the Four Seasons Hotel. L'Atelier loosely translated would be "Studio" of Joël Robuchon and food is just that good, incredible little tastings of simple but well done items. We enjoyed foie gras foam, scallops, duck, sweet breads, crab and Chilean sea bass. Each was a delight. Go understanding the cost and the evening will be a delight.

Interop 2010

I attended Interop 2010 to see what is of most interest to IT directors and managers. After all, they now control the IT infrastructure and communications budget in most companies. The show floor was adequate if not a bit small. I suppose this is due to the continued cutbacks in travel. Aside from the basic hardware needed to hold, power and run servers several notables themes were present. Cloud Computing, Security and Managed/Hosted services did their best to such the air out of the exhibit hall but there were four very interesting video/telepresence conferencing vendors where I spent most of my time. Curiously, the only SIP vendor was AT&T and their booth was fairly quiet compared to Dell, HP and others. The most interesting item was the private rocket in the Xirrus booth courtesy of their CEO, Dirk Gates, who practices the art of rocketry.

I'll attend one of the Interop venues in 2011 anxious to see when the IT directors and managers demand more on the subject of VoIP, SIP Trunking and hosted virtual IP PBXs.

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