Geofencing for B2B Marketing and Lead Generation

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Geofencing for B2B Marketing and Lead Generation

A geofence is a virtual perimeter that can be drawn around any specific location, building, convention center, or space that can be identified on a map. Any mobile device entering the virtual perimeter or geofence can be targeted for a sales opportunity. Active geofences require opt in or a mobile application. Passive geofences operate in the background and do not require users to opt in. Geofences are used to track the routes of truck drivers, movement of office equipment, ankle bracelets for law enforcement purposes and many other things. However, our interest is in using geofencing to improve digital marketing performance.


Geofencing is often thought of as a business to consumer (B2C) lead generation and sales solution and most articles discuss just that. Typically, they outline a situation where a consumer enters a defined location that has been geofenced and as a consumer use his or her mobile device to access the web. An ad is then presented to the consumer. Also, because the target is a consumer, a discount, special or an application is offered for download while in the store or area. The discount coupon can be shown at the time of purchase, the special can be identified by walking through the store and searching for the item or an application can be downloaded which can provide other potential savings. These methods or tactics are not effective in most business-to-business (B2B) transactions. But there are several unique things that can be done with geofencing to improve B2B marketing and lead generation.

The example that I find most engaging is to geofence a gathering of business owners, employees or consultants at a convention, seminar, webinar, or lunch and learn. Focusing on a group with a shared interest is known as geotargeting. The types of geotargeted gatherings are endless. Because it is quite likely that a business user will engage their cell phone or mobile device at least once while at a business gathering, the opportunity for offering an ad or complementary information will become available. And if the offer or ad is associated with the event, then it is likely be relevant to the attendee.  Providing relevant information to a prospect while they are thinking about or reviewing solutions or products you provide, increase the odds of developing a qualified lead and improving the conversion rate for another enquiry or the initiation of a buying action. Geofencing events can improve branding, brand awareness, collection of attendee data, and drive traffic to either your booth, event, or website, all of which improve your marketing ROI.

Geofencing solutions present ads or offers interspersed with consumed content defined by the location, event or actions of the user. The timeliness of communicating with someone currently interested in or thinking about yours or similar solutions maximizes the conversion rate and improves the ROI for digital marketing. The potential for follow-up is even stronger. Follow up can be performed using the collected IP address. The IP address can allow you to target device usage away from the geotargeted area. In fact, if they’re using a business network, that IP address might translate to a physical address with tens, if not hundreds, of employees with a similar product interest.

Geofencing applications can look up IP addresses to identify physical locations and business names. With a business name, other databases can be employed to identify and target higher-level executives or decision-makers. This information can also be made available to sales and marketing for contact via email, contact centers, social media or other forms of digital advertising. The power of geofencing solutions is incredible.

It is also possible to use a geofencing solution where you violate privacy and information boundaries. It is important to develop geofencing marketing strategies that are effective for generating leads and protect the prospect’s privacy.

Raven Guru Marketing can assist you in choosing and implementing the best geofencing and geotargeting solution for your business. We can work with you to deliver maximum results while maintaining the privacy and information security that most of us desire and treasure. Contact us to find out how.

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