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COMPTEL Praises FCC's Forebearance Decision Against Verizon

December 5, 2007

COMPTEL, the trade association for independent Internet service providers and telcos, seems pleased by yesterday's Federal Communications Commission decision not allowing Verizon to block systems access for competitors in six Eastern U.S. markets.

Here's the text of their statement applauding the decision:

“We applaud FCC Chairman Martin and Commissioners McDowell, Tate, Copps and Adelstein for recognizing the concerns raised by COMPTEL and its members companies, consumer advocates and state officials over the devastating effect Verizon’s petitions would have had on competition and consumer choice along the East Coast,” said COMPTEL CEO Jerry James.  “We thank the Commission for thoughtfully considering the enormous amount of data collected in this proceeding and for finding that Verizon failed to meet its burden of proof that deregulation was justified in these six markets.” 

“We also want to thank the leadership in both the House and Senate Commerce Committees for their support of the competitive communications industry and the critical need to preserve competitive alternatives in the marketplace to the benefit of American consumers,” Jerry said.

“In addition, we are very pleased with the Commission’s recent decision to consider establishing rules governing the process by which forbearance petitions will be treated by regulators in the future,” James continued.  “We look forward to working with the Commission to improve the due process issues in these critical proceedings.”

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