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Domain Name Trading? It's Ba-a-a-ck

July 17, 2007

OK, first we have Then we have

A sensible person would associate what I just described to checking your credit, finding out it is OK, and then trying to buy a mega yacht.

OK, enough of what I know is going through your mind's eye about parties on a mega yacht. No, we aren't talking about credit checks as a service, and mega yachts as a commodity, but what is being termed the revival of the domain name buying and trading business.'s just posted a fascinating AP wire story about a domain name auction in New York City over the weekend which saw more than $12 million change hands. The auction was handled by


"These are boom times in an estimated $2 billion industry that involves the buying and selling of domain names and pay-per-click advertising revenue for the owners of the names," write's the article's author, Adam Goldman.

"This industry is like the wild, wild west right now and people have no idea how fast it's growing," Jerry Nolte, managing partner of Domainer's Magazine, tells Goldman.

So how much did and fetch at auction?

$3 million and $150,000, respectively.

Back in 2000, I hoarded some domains, but the Internet crash happened at the same time my renewals came up.

Coulda been a domain name contenda.

Coulda owned a yacht from my domain name proceeds.

Coulda shoulda wudda...

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