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TIA: Net Neutrality Rules Not Necessary

February 13, 2008

The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) has just filed comments with the FCC this week that appear to back the position that broadband access can and should be provided without the need for "net neutrality" regulations.

“TIA believes that the broadband marketplace can be vigilantly monitored and complaints of anticompetitive activity can be addressed through appropriate legal and regulatory oversight. TIA has maintained that the Commission has such authority today,” said TIA Vice President of Government Affairs Danielle Coffey. 

TIA added it believes basic consumer protection rules have already been laid out by the FCC’s Policy Statement, drawn in large part from the connectivity principles crafted by TIA and the High Tech Broadband Coalition in 2003.  The Policy Statement offers consumers the right to access information and connect devices of their choosing, and also provides network operators the flexibility required in our ever-evolving technological environment. 

This policy statement has succeeded in promoting a vibrant Internet ecosystem and significant investment in broadband infrastructure in part by avoiding the rigid regulatory regime that net neutrality rules would impose.

“Service providers have a responsibility to disclose quality of service, speed and price data to consumers in an open, clear way,” Coffey continued.  “The chief question surrounding broadband network management practices concerns is one of business practices, not technology.”

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