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What's the frequency, Kevin?

January 15, 2007

Just back from the Consumer Electronics Show.

So, as a matter of fact, is Federal Communications Commission Chair Kevin Martin.

In an interview with the IDG News Service's Elizabeth Montalbano, Commissioner Martin sounded a bit undecided about net neutrality.

Martin told IFG he agreed that consumers should continue to have access to "everything that's available for free on the Internet" without having that access blocked from network operators and service providers.

But at the same time, Martin added this caveat:

"I think it's important to realize the operators themselves have an interest in potentially selling tiers of speed and service," Martin told Montalbano. "If a consumer chooses to buy a lower tier and then tries to access content...and they can't access [it] because they haven't bought enough capacity, well they're not being blocked from getting access to that."

So where do you stand, Commish?

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