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Security Vendor: The Bad Guys Are Winning

February 2, 2007
Anti-virus and computer security firm Kaspersky Lab's CEO Natalya Kaspersky tells Computerworld that online security firms are being overwhelmed by the bad guys- and that they could sure use a hand from governmental authorities across the globe.  

"We don’t have the solutions," Kaspersky says "We thought it was possible to do antivirus and that was adequate protection. That time is gone."

Kaspersky joined representatives of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and the nonprofit Center for Strategic and International Studies in calling for international agreements that call for cybercrime tracking across international borders.

In stating his case for such operational agreements, Kaspersky's CTO Eugene Kaspersky noted that although his company dedicates 50 engineers to analyzing new malware samples and trying to find ways to thwart this malware, but the 200 new malware samples that come in per day make combating this stuff an uphill battle.  

Even more ominously Kaspersky made the case for a kind of evil social Darwinism at work. He implied this malware is tougher to combat because the malware writers dumb enough to get caught have already been weeded out- leaving a markedly more clever class of bad folks in their place.

"The stupid guys got jailed," Eugene Kaspersky says. "The smart guys -- it's very difficult to find them."

Eugeke Kaspersky went on to say that because this malware is distributed internationally, police should work more closely across borders to coordinate detection and identification efforts for individuals who may be involved.

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