Seegrid Among Tech Firms Highlighted During G-20 Summit

Greg Galitzine : Robotics
Greg Galitzine

Seegrid Among Tech Firms Highlighted During G-20 Summit

As the G-20 descends on Pittsburgh this week, some local companies are taking advantage of the visit by the finance ministers and central bank governors to showcase their capabilities.


One example is Seegrid Corporation, a robotics company that develops industrial mobile robots for use in the material handling industry.


Seegrid, in cooperation with the Allegheny Conference on Community Development and the Pittsburgh G-20 Partnership, will host visits from the media and dignitaries to demonstrate Seegrid's robotics capabilities for real-world business applications.


The company's vision-guided robots automate the movement of product, resulting in improved flexibility, reduced operating costs and increased scalability.


"Seegrid represents the rebirth of Pittsburgh as a global robotics and technology hub," said Brad Wyland, Director of Product Strategy, Seegrid Corp. "We are not only showcasing how we drastically reduce operating costs for warehouse managers, but Seegrid also represents the opportunity that many high-tech companies have found in Pittsburgh -- the opportunity to draw from the world-renowned academic communities as well as the talent-rich labor force in order to build out the new face of business for this rapidly growing city."


Seegrid was founded in Pittsburgh in February 2003 as a spinout of Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Institute.

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