GeckoSystems CareBot in Home Trials

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Greg Galitzine

GeckoSystems CareBot in Home Trials

GeckoSystems this week announced limited in home evaluation trials for their fully autonomous personal companion home care robot, the CareBot.


The CareBot is an "assistive care home appliance," a personal companion that features telepresence capabilities. The first recipient of care in the evaluation period is a ninety-three year old widow with short-term memory loss that is very similar to the symptoms of Alzheimers.


According to GeckoSystems' President/CEO Martin Spencer, "In the near future, as we progress with our in home personal companion robot evaluation trials, we will be reporting on the social interaction responses of the care receiver - and the care giver - to this new type of fully autonomous in home medical monitoring system."


The CareBot is designed to enable Cost Effective Monitoring of the care receiver, as well as to enable virtual visits from family members who might otherwise be unable to spend time with the care receiver. If they have access to the Internet, then family members will have the ability to visit their elderly relatives virtually, from afar.  

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