Liquid Robotics Welcomes NASA, Google Vet Lu

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Liquid Robotics Welcomes NASA, Google Vet Lu

Liquid Robotics, Inc., developer of the wave-powered Wave Glider marine robot, has announced that Edward (Ed) T. Lu, has joined the company as chief of innovative applications. Lu, whose resume lists positions at Google and NASA, will be tasked with developing new methods to advance the world’s understanding of ocean science.

According to Lu, “In the history of science, interesting discoveries and innovations arise when people find new ways to access or measure things.” “For the first time, Liquid Robotics gives scientists access to comprehensive volumes of ocean data never before available, which will allow for discoveries we may never before have imagined.

Liquid Robotics CEO Bill Vass is excited to welcome Lu aboard. “I am absolutely thrilled Ed is joining Liquid Robotics,” he said. “Having a renowned scientist and NASA astronaut helping us to explore the ocean in ways that will benefit science and commercial markets is exciting. We look forward to Ed applying his inventive thinking and energies to Liquid Robotics.”

Previously Lu led the Advanced Projects group at Google, where his teams were responsible for designing the hardware and software for projects including Google Maps/Earth, Google Street View, and Google Books.

A former NASA astronaut, Lu spent 12 years at NASA flying T-38 jets and serving aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis, a Russian Soyuz spacecraft, and the International Space Station

The company has been on somewhat of a hiring “binge”, particularly when it comes to luring ex-Google employees. Several weeks ago, Liquid Robotics announced it had hired James Gosling, formerly of Google, who joined the company as chief software architect.

In June, the company closed a $22 million financing round.

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