Defense Department Gets a Good Look at Argus One

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Defense Department Gets a Good Look at Argus One

 World Surveillance Group Inc., developer of the lighter-than-air Argus One UAV, announced the completion of initial demonstrations for the U.S. Department of Defense. The demonstration took place at the U.S. Department of Energy Nevada Test Site.

The exercises were sponsored and coordinated by the Department of Defense and executed by WSGI’s technical partner, Eastcor Engineering and was the first in a series of flight and testing activities planned for 2012.

The Argus One is designed for deployments at altitudes of 10,000 to 20,000 feet. The UAV can hover at these altitudes for extended periods of time, and is designed to handle surface winds more efficiently than other “blimp-like” airships.

argus_1.jpgThe Argus One also features an integrated payload bay capable of carrying up to approximately 30 pounds of high technology sensors, cameras or electronics packages, which makes the unmanned aircraft suitable for missions such as real-time intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and communications support for military, homeland defense, border control, drug interdiction, natural disaster relief and maritime missions.

According to World Surveillance Group, the Argus One was named after the Greek god Argus who was an all-seeing figure with one hundred eyes.

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