Mexico City to Host Robotic Soccer Championship

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Mexico City to Host Robotic Soccer Championship

Ok, so it’s not exactly Lionel Messi cutting through the middle of a defense, or Cristiano Ronaldo showing off his ball control skills en route to scoring a goal, but the robotics community continues to make strides in Robo-Soccer. The RoboCup Federation and the Mexican Robotics Federation are well underway with plans for the upcoming RoboCup 2012 which will be held in Mexico City June 18-24 of this year.

While it may be a bit premature to issue such a warning, care should be taken not confuse it with another soccer competition taking place at around the same time — the UEFA Euro2012 Final.

aldebaran-robotics-nao-academic-robot-v3plus-B.jpgAlthough the ultimate dream of the RoboCup organization is to have its humanoid robots (like the Aldebarran Nao 25, pictured, right) compete against and emerge victorious against a reigning human World Cup winning team, the group admits that such a result might be considered a “dream” which they hope to achieve by the middle of the 21st century at the earliest. Nevertheless, they believe that today’s RoboCup competitions will serve as a vehicle to further promote robotics and artificial intelligence, or AI, research.

The upcoming event in Mexico City will feature Simulation Leagues (for 2D or 3D software simulations), and a series of robotic leagues (Small, Middle, Standard, Humanoid) with varying rules and robot sizes.

In the Humanoid League — further subdivided into 3 sub-leagues according to robot sizes (Teen, Kid, Adult) — autonomous robots play against each other. According to the RoboCup organizers:

Dynamic walking, running, and kicking the ball while maintaining balance, visual perception of the ball, other players, and the field, self-localization and team play are among the many research issues investigated in the league.

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