Seabed Acquires Schilling ROV

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Seabed Acquires Schilling ROV

Schilling Robotics has announced the expansion of their customer base with the addition of Norwegian deep-sea specialist Seabed AS, who took delivery of a new Schilling HD 23 ROV system. The HD 23 is a 150-horsepower, 4,000 meter-rated remotely operated vehicle (ROV) system designed for subsea applications including underwater inspection, repair, maintenance (IRM), drill support, and medium-duty construction.

Schilling Seabed HD.jpgThe ROV was delivered in December 2011.

Tyler Schilling, chief executive officer for Schilling Robotics, expressed his satisfaction with Seabed’s choice to partner with his firm. “We are very proud to have added Seabed AS to our expanding customer portfolio. They are a discerning and innovative company, and we are delighted that they have chosen to expand their fleet with our products.”

Hans Martin Gravdal, CEO for Seabed, also believes the partnership is a good one. “With our experience and expertise, combined with ultra modern vessels, the HD ROV system will complement and enhance our capabilities as a prominent subsea operations company,” he said.

Seabed has a long history of undersea expertise, and the company was involved in the search for the Air France plane that crashed off the coast of Brazil in June 2009.

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