TOSY Dancing Robot Can Cut A Rug

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TOSY Dancing Robot Can Cut A Rug

 Yes, this is the one. THIS is the robot Justin Bieber has been promoting in the Las Vegas desert.

If you pay attention to robots, or gadgets, or Canadian teen heartthrobs dating Selena Gomez, you know what I’m talking about.

Tosy Dancing Robot.bmpTOSY Robotics, a Vietnamese high-tech toys manufacturer, used CES 2012 as the venue to announce its latest and greatest — a portable speaker that doubles as… wait for it… a dancing robot. And they asked the young and popular Mr. Bieber along to help with the promotion.

The mRobo Ultra Bass features two gigs of internal memory, which will allow dancing-robot aficionados to upload around 500 songs to the device via USB. The battery powered mRobo comes with a remote to allow aforementioned aficionados to control their favorite tunes.

Here’s the interesting part. Once the music starts, mRobo transforms, growing a head, legs and arms, as he bang bang boogies to the rhythm of the boogity beat. Well, you get the idea.

mRobo Ultra Bass is expected to be available at retail in the fall of 2012, and is expected to fetch $199.00. Who knows, maybe they’ll throw in the latest Justin Bieber single to help you hip hop the hippie to the hippie…

(My apologies to the Sugarhill Gang, Ms. Gomez, and Canada.)

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