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John Glossner
Sandbridge Technologies CTO & EVP. A fabless semiconductor company building SDR baseband processors.

Steve Wozniak to Keynote ITEXPO Las Vegas

We are extremely proud to announce Steve Wozniak is a keynoter at ITEXPO in Las Vegas, Thursday, August 29 at 10am....

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Attend the WebRTC Webinar and Learn More about the Disruption

Tomorrow, February, 20th, Dialogic will be hosting a WebRTC webinar and we’re pleased to have with us respected analyst Dean Bubley from...

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Thank You Amazon, Retailers May Now Merge at Will

When reports surfaced regarding Office Depot merging with OfficeMax, the first thing which may have occurred to many, is regulators wouldn’t let...

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Scam Users, Accumulate Facebook Likes, Buy a Ferrari

Bitdefender Labs recently reported that a site showing kittens and unicorns suggested users download a “business flash” plugin in order to see...

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Windows 8 Sync Settings - Security Hole

Windows 8 has a cool new feature that lets you login with your cloud-based Microsoft account (,, and it will...

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Is Apple Too Sexy for MWC?

In deciding not to exhibit at the Macworld events, CES and MWC, Apple has shown the world that it doesn’t need...

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Nvidia Announces Icera 500

May 25, 2012

“NVIDIA’s second-generation LTE modem – the Icera 500 chipset – addresses high end smartphones as well as tablets and clamshell devices, and provides worldwide LTE support. We expect to see the Icera 500 modem in devices in 2013.” Full Story at Anandtech.

Inside Nvidia’s GK110 monster GPU

May 21, 2012

Nvidia is doing a bunch of different things to make the GPU better at double precision workloads and easier to program for the kinds of workloads that the company expects to be deployed in modern supercomputers. Full Story at The Register.

Living virus generates electricity

May 21, 2012

Scientists have discovered a way to genetically engineer a living virus to be piezoelectric, enabling self-assembling arrays of them to produce enough electricity to power small electronic devices. In their demonstration prototype, a button backed with a virus array generated enough electricity to illuminate an LCD display. Full Story at EE Times.

Inexact processor is more power efficient

May 21, 2012

Processing circuitry that has been designed to allow imprecision has been shown to be 15 times more power efficient than conventional circuitry at performing some tasks. The technique is particularly applicable in audio and graphical subsystems and such circuits could start showing up in hearing aids and tablet computers in 2013, researchers said. Full Story at [...]

NSN to show off gigabit TD-LTE at CTIA

May 4, 2012

NSN is applying LTE-Advanced hallmarks, such as carrier aggregation, to TD-LTE. Full Story at Rethink Wireless.

TSMC pushes 28-nm Cortex-A9 to 3.1-GHz

May 3, 2012

For mobile application signoff conditions the 28HPM process delivers clock frequencies in the range 1.5-GHz to 2.0-GHz… The 28HPM implementation runs twice as fast as the 40-nm counterpart made by TSMC under the same operating conditions… Full Story at EE Times.

Huawei to give Intel LTE development support in China

April 30, 2012

The collaboration will be based on Huawei’s know how in LTE TDD network infrastructure and Intel’s mobile communications platforms, Huawei said. Full Story at EE Times.

Neul launches ‘white-space’ smart metering in Cambridge

April 26, 2012

The network set up follows on from 10 months of testing in urban and rural areas around Cambridge by the the Cambridge TV White Spaces Consortium, which comprises leading international and UK technology and media companies. Full Story at EE Times.

Huawei may start selling its mobile chips

April 26, 2012

“In the future, whether it be mobile broadband devices, tablets, or smartphones, Huawei will be able to provide its own core chip solution,” said Huawei executive vice president Eric Xu. Full Story at C114.

China Mulls National CPU Architecture Spec

April 26, 2012

At least five existing processor architectures are up for consideration as the basis of the standard. The initiative also could be used to define its own instruction set architecture (ISA) or extend an existing one. Full Story at C114. See also EE Times.
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