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John Glossner
Sandbridge Technologies CTO & EVP. A fabless semiconductor company building SDR baseband processors.

Steve Wozniak to Keynote ITEXPO Las Vegas

We are extremely proud to announce Steve Wozniak is a keynoter at ITEXPO in Las Vegas, Thursday, August 29 at 10am....

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Attend the WebRTC Webinar and Learn More about the Disruption

Tomorrow, February, 20th, Dialogic will be hosting a WebRTC webinar and we’re pleased to have with us respected analyst Dean Bubley from...

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Thank You Amazon, Retailers May Now Merge at Will

When reports surfaced regarding Office Depot merging with OfficeMax, the first thing which may have occurred to many, is regulators wouldn’t let...

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Scam Users, Accumulate Facebook Likes, Buy a Ferrari

Bitdefender Labs recently reported that a site showing kittens and unicorns suggested users download a “business flash” plugin in order to see...

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Windows 8 Sync Settings - Security Hole

Windows 8 has a cool new feature that lets you login with your cloud-based Microsoft account (,, and it will...

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Is Apple Too Sexy for MWC?

In deciding not to exhibit at the Macworld events, CES and MWC, Apple has shown the world that it doesn’t need...

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Toumaz and Imagination form low-power wireless chip firm
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Samsung Cuts LTE Cost in Half
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Apple’s Mobile Share
White Space Show Down
North Carolina Officially Launches the First Commercial TV White Spaces Network
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Top Mobile Operators Worldwide
Congress, please don’t kill white spaces
Revisiting Supercomputer Architectures
SDR Products Cut Design Time And Cost
Processors enable global software defined radio platforms
Lattice Semiconductor Acquires Chipmaker SiliconBlue For $62 Million In Cash
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Broadcom Breaks Into Top-Five Smartphone Chip Supplier Rankings in Q3 2011
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Creator Of Lisp, John McCarthy, Dead At 84
Huawei runs LTE in white spaces
Sequans, Fujitsu Semi team on LTE
TD-LTE: It’s Alive!
Open Source CPUs Coming To a Club Near You?
Leaders in Advanced Radio Technologies to Provide Keynotes for SDR'11-WInnComm
SDR And CR Boost Wireless Communications
mimoOn, Eden Rock Communications Partner to Deliver SON Solutions for …
iPhone 4S Battery Life Worse for 3G Data and Media as Compared to iPhone 4
In memoriam: Dennis Ritchie
Clearwire: Dead or Alive?
iPhone 4S Preliminary Benchmarks: ~800MHz A5, Slightly Slower GPU than iPad 2, Still Very Fast
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The world says goodbye: Obituaries pay tribute to Steve Jobs
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Sprint’s LTE Plans Leaked
ABI Research Teardown: Motorola Designs Own LTE Chip for Droid Bionic
CERN Physicists Observe First Faster-Than-Light Long-Distance Travel
Does white space need to be Weightless?
LTE sales overtake WiMax, says analyst
Clearwire, China Mobile Partner Up To Expand LTE
Lossy GCT files for $100 million IPO
RIM and the lamentation of the analyst
Mobile Impossible
Sequans LTE chip wins Chinese approval
World’s First TD-LTE Service Launched by Mobily
20% of Asia-Pacific Mobile Handset IC Market Revenues Went to Taiwanese and Chinese IC Vendors in 2010
Biggest mobile loser? The non-smart phone
Intel Mandates Universities Receiving Funds Not File Patents
UT Austin's Yale Patt Wins New IEEE Award
Rogers Wireless applies to become bank
RIM for Sale? Amid Plunging Market Share Investors Say Make it Happen
Single Chip LTE from Marvell
Report: 1.5M LTE base stations ship by 2015
Price of 4G LTE devices will drop dramatically next year
Researchers aim for energy-harvesting CPUs
First Von Neumann Architecture Quantum Computer
LinkedIn Takes A Deep Data Dive On Startup Founder Profiles
Report: Android Dominating, Apple Holding Steady, RIM Dropping in U.S.
29 Aug 2011 – Freescale rolls out first products in QorIQ Qonverge wireless base station processor portfolio
Huawei’s LTE TDD Wireless Router Goes to 100
Tensilica DSP core does 100 GMACs at 1W
MediaTek to Trial 4G LTE TDD Phone in China Soon
Altair Semiconductor Breaks TD-LTE Speed Record, Achieving More Than 100Mbps …
Google to Buy Struggling Motorola Mobility
mimoOn Integrates LTE PHY Software on Texas Instruments' New System-on-Chips …
Qualcomm renames SoCs, quad-core on track
Ten mobile vendors license chip interconnect
Leaving Ubuntu?
Parallel x86 software support for $250
Huawei rolls baseband as LTE expands
Cognovo: soft modem can reduce power
CEVA Improves CEVA-XC DSP Product Offering With HSPA+ Software IP
ZTE Achieves World’s First TD-LTE and 2G/3G Handover Interoperability Test
HTC to buy graphics chip firm S3
LTE Advanced: mobile broadband up to 10 times faster
Neul raises $12.8 million for M2M radio
Cambridge gets a white (space) wash
Prostate Cancer Cured in Mice with Human Vaccine
Neul opens up on ‘white space’ radio network
Marvell claims first single-chip TD-SCDMA IC
Analyst: Qualcomm in, Intel out of iPhone 5
Apple Overtakes Research in Motion in U.S. Smartphone Usage Share
TI Announces OMAP4470 and Specs: PowerVR SGX544, 1.8 GHz Dual Core Cortex-A9
ARM expects to control 50% of mobile chip market by 2015
Sequans, Ericsson in collaboration on LTE
ZTE wins the most new wireless contracts in Q4 2010, says report
Tilera preps 100-core chips for network gear
Nvidia snags fast-rising mobile chip maker
Samsung, Apple knock Nokia off top handset spots
Startup aims many-core chip at smartphones
16 Million Mobile LTE Subscribers by Year’s End
Analyst comments on 11 vendors’ LTE chips
Nokia announces plans to transfer Symbian software activities to Accenture; Accenture to provide future smartphone ecosystem services to Nokia
ZTE and P1 Successfully Demonstrate Revolutionary Technology
Nokia market share dips below 30% in Q1
First White Spaces AP Gives Grandma the Internet
Verizon Wireless 4G LTE USB Modem 551L
First LTE Mobile Devices Acheve GCF Certification
LTE chip startup raises $26 million
Intel designs smartphone, says report
Wireless Innovation Forum Announces Extension for SDR'11-WInnComm Request for …
LTE Vrs WiMAX: It’s a Wrap!
ARM licenses CPUs, GPUs to Shanghai firm
Analyzing multithreaded applications—Identifying performance bottlenecks on multicore systems
Nokia Confirms Symbian Is No Longer Open Source
ZTE to deliever world's first LTE TDD/FDD dual-mode infrastructure equipment …
TI to buy National Semi for $6.5 billion
Spectrum Signal Processing's SDR-4000 Selected by Larsen and …
Samsung 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot SCH-LC11 (Verizon Wireless)
MIPS plans 64-bit multithreaded cores
Tensilica adds DSP in cellular battle
ZTE to Deliver World's First LTE TDD/FDD Dual-Mode Infrastructure Equipment to …
Nokia Confirms Symbian to Fade Away
Open Source Wireless Mesh Networking Energy Meter
Overcoming the challenges of multicore software development
Altair, Alcatel-Lucent okay LTE chipset
Altair Semiconductor's LTE Band Class 12 Solution Completes Trial
Sequans files for IPO
Multicore programmers must ‘think different’
Emerging Wireless Technologies Innovation Leader: 4G LTE, M2M, Cognitive Radio
Android Overtakes BlackBerry As the Top U.S. Smartphone Platform [REPORT]
Why Silicon Valley trumps Boston (data)
Android tops RIM in US smartphone market share, Apple’s iPhone third
CUDA 4.0 aims to ease parallel programming
Xilinx provides details on ARM-based devices
TI adds HD accelerators to DaVinci
Nvidia revs up CUDA GPU coder toolkit
Organism Secretes Renewable Fuels Using CO2, Water, Sun
CoolBio Ultra-low Power Biomedical Signal Processor
Sandbridge & I are named for some industry awards
Sandbridge Technologies Acquired by Undisclosed Public Company

Finding Value in Android
Seven Significant Trends in Mobile Usage
30 Ways to Rate a College
Finally Official? – Intel to buy Infineon Wireless for $1.4B
Analyst: Infineon, TI are second tier in mobile chips
CTIA claims SF phone radiation law unconstitutional
LTE Patent Battle
Smartphone Comparison Chart
Octasic Introduces New Multi-Core DSP Device for Wireless Baseband
CEA-Leti Unveils Low-Power Reconfigurable Multicore Chip for Software-Defined Radio and Cognitive Radio
Cognovo launches Software Defined Modem solution for LTE handsets
Imec’s cognitive baseband radio to support 4G and broadband access to multiple services
Renesas Electronics to acquire Nokia’s wireless modem business
More than 321 Million Handsets Shipped Globally in 2Q-2010
4Q09 Smartphone Market Share
Handset supplier revenue change
Europe and US telecom capex
Average Capacity of a 14.4Mbps HSPA Cell
European Data ARPU vs GB/month
Connectivity Attach Rates
Smartphones to grow but with steep ASP declines
Baseband Unit Market Share
Broadcom Baseband Customer Ramp Estimates
ZTE Bumps Motorola
FCC Okays Terrestrial LTE for SkyTerra
T-Mobile’s LT-Max
ARM boosted startup with Belgian DSP
Term Sheet Provisions
Smartphone OS Strategy
MediaTek 2G Market Share
CDMA/WCDMA Market Share
Qualcomm Chipset ASP
iPad vs. Kindle and comparable devices
Baseband Market Share by Revenue
Smartphone Operating System Market Share
Wireless Innovation Forum Kicks Off Business Models For Open Source Air Interfaces
Smartphone Market by OEM
Smartphone and PC Shipment Trends
IDC Smartphone Forecast
Android Surges Among Handset Purchasers
Alcatel-Lucent introduces new converged radio technology that lets mobile service providers smoothly support any mix of 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE on the same network
mimoOn and Tensilica to Provide Low Power, Small Footprint and Programmable IP Solutions for Mobile Wireless Radios
mimoOn demonstrates LTE for pico base stations based on Texas Instruments’ DSPs
mimoOn & CEVA to demonstrate Single-Core, Real-time LTE UE Platform
mimoOn to demonstrate its advanced low-cost LTE Test Mobile for Digital Dividend at Mobile World Congress 2010
Multimode vector radio dismantles barriers to SDR software portability
Army’s New “Smart Radio” May Revolutionize Communications
Tensilica Introduces ConnX Atlas Reference Architecture for LTE
Tensilica Introduces Second Generation ConnX BaseBand Engine DSP
Octasic Announces Second Generation DSP Core For Cutting-Edge Wireless and Media Gateway Applications
Octasic and Continuous Computing to Demonstrate UMTS Femtocell / Picocell Platform at Mobile World Congress 2010
glossner: My daughter is first in line (literally first) to see Obama at Nashua High North. She won a ticket in the lottery. She’s sky high. #obamanh
Network Performance – or when is a hub better than a switch?
2010 Economic Outlook
2G/3G Patent IP Ownership
Spectral Efficiency
The iHog iPhone
Handset industry recovers from a trough, but who would benefit going forward?
The Future of Content Without Walls
Marketing, Not Ads, Fuels Social Spending Growth
German Forces Trust in Thales for Software Defined Radio
Microtune Introduces Breakthrough Receiver Chip Delivering Superior Performance, Cost and Sizeto Worldwide Digital TV Market
ONR Awards $9.5M SDR Contract to Raytheon
glossner: SDR’10 will be in the Hyatt (same hotel) in DC the first week of December next year. #sdr09
glossner: John Chapin sporting a hat with the sdr forum’s new name – the wireless innovation forum! #sdr09
glossner: Tonight I was elected to the Board of Directors of the SDR Forum!
glossner: Emil Olbrich (NIST) #sdr09 reports highest realized LTE rates will be 8Mbps DL and 4.5Mbps UL for typical users.
glossner: Jeff Bier reports #sdr09 Synfora and AutoDSL(?) high level synth tools get results on FPGAs equiv to hand coded RTL at dev time equal to C.
glossner: Thelander #sdr09 reports Icera was the best performing chipset in testing even against Qualcomm and the other big guys.
glossner: Thelander #sdr09 notes Telstra had 10Mhz of spectrum where Clearwire had 60Mhz of spectrum.
glossner: Thelander #sdr09 reports Clearwire WiMax Portland drive testing achieved >4Mbps (app thruput not PHY). Mimo B was present 90% of time!
glossner: Thelander #sdr09 reports drive test in Melburne rush hour hspa+ testing achieved average 5Mbps on Telstra. Wow… US should be so lucky!
glossner: Attending the #sdr09 Market Analysts Session. A great lineup of speakers covering both commercial and gov’t markets.
glossner: John chapin at #sdr09 at the evening entertainment with the A dozen demos completed a great 1st day!
glossner: At #SDR09 in DC. Note: i’m the general chair of the conference
Indian startup tips SDR-based TV demodulation
ETSI’s standardization of Reconfigurable Radio Systems gets underway
Vislink Introduces Kamelyon for Law Enforcement & Public Safety
The 2009 Venture Capital 100
ZTE SDR Base Station Records over 200,000 Volume Shipment
Navy to develop next-generation JCREW 3.3 IED detection and electronic warfare technologies
US Leads in Scientific Publications but China is catching up
glossner: Enjoyed watching spurs hammer wigan 9-1!
glossner: Dinner tonight at my favorite pizza place on earth – 4 brothers in Mahopac NY
glossner: Enjoying a new sheraton tonight in mahwah nj
SDR Forum Technical Conference Approaches (Dec 1-4)
Multimode wireless and SDR success lies in software optimization
Venture Capital Leads Returns
Restaurants lead mobile alert survey
Wireless Infrastructure Market Share
Global Smartphone Market Breakdown
Latest Handset and Smartphone Market Share
Frequency Band and Communications Systems Trends
Average Number of Frequency Bands per Cell Phone
M&A Cycles
Shark Tank
US Venture Capital Fundraising
iPhone Tops in Smartphone Satisfaction
IMEC’s multi-threaded ADRES processor architecture ready for licensing
Cisco Predicts Huge Data Growth
Finland to enable field tests in Cognitive Radio
Chinese Basestation Deployments
Broadcom Wireless Baseband Revenue by Customer
2009 Prepaid Operator Satisfaction Survey
Free SCA Book for Download
End-to-end Software Defined Radio Introduced by Element CXI
Venture-Backed Exit Market Continues to Face Challenges Despite Largest IPO in 2.5 Years
Crazy Entreprenuers?
CrestaTech’s New “HDTV Anywhere” Chip Now Ready For Sampling to PC OEMs
Mirics and NVIDIA bring software-based TV to more PC platforms
Broadband Mobile Attach Rates
US Operator Market Share
LTE Rollout by Operator
Air Force plan to cut its JTRS military radio
Tata Elxsi, Full Spectrum to Customize FullMAX Broadband Wireless System for Smart Grid Communications
New vendor enters increasingly less crowded WiMax market
Nottingham company set to be a world leader in satellite navigation
Harris Corporation Delivers 100,000th JTRS AN/PRC-152(C) Handheld Radio
GateHouse Initiates Software Defined Radio Program with Inmarsat BGAN
Mobile Data Growth
Spectrum’s SDR-4000 to Support the Inmarsat BGAN Waveform from GateHouse
Huawei Opens LTE Laboratory in North America
Aeroflex PXI 3000 Series Modular Test Platform Expands 2G and 3G Wireless Testing Capabilities
ZTE Launches Industry First LTE and EV-DO Rev.B Dual-Mode System at EXPO COMM Wireless Japan 2009
ITT awarded JTRS software support contract
TerreStar Announces TerreStar-1 Satellite Progress
Altera Announces New Cyclone III LS FPGAs
AT&T/TerreStar Ready Satphone Service
Huawei to deploy Europe’s first GSM/UMTS converged network
Intermec Introduces the Industry’s Most Advanced Rugged 3G Mobile Computers
Tensilica Announces New High-Performance ConnX DSP Family for LTE and 4G SOC Designs
Texas Instruments collaborates with Continuous Computing and mimoOn for HSPA and LTE femtocells
Commentary: Vista Rage
Hong Kong’s Next G wins major award
A Software Defined Radio for Emergency Applications
UC San Diego Researchers Succeed in Rapid Port of FM3TR Waveform to Spectrum’s Multi-Purpose Radio Under JPEO JTRS Support
Targeting Trends In Military Electronics
John Glossner announced as general chair of the SDR Forum’s SDR’09 Technical Conference
IMEC demonstrates first spectrum sensing capabilities for cognitive radios
Model-based design helps aerospace engineers improve design quality
Northrop Grumman Makes Delivery of Flight-Ready Integrated CNI System for F-35 Lightning II
Mobile Europe Interview with Axell CEO Ian Brown
Lexycom Technologies To Develop Software-Defined Multiband EVA Radio For NASA
Samsung Electronics joins IMEC research program on green radios
CrestaTech Introduces Universal Broadband Receiver Technology for Region Free PCTV
Popular P25 Public Safety Waveform Ported to Spectrum’s Software Reconfigurable Radio
Tektronix Re-invents Swept Spectrum Analysis
CEVA and mimoOn to Collaborate on Development of LTE Baseband Solutions
CEVA and Aricent to Demonstrate LTE PHY Platform for Cellular Handsets at LTE World Summit 2009
Contributors Mark Donahue Kevin Fitchard Carol Wilson VZW easing data caps, launching netbooks
ZTE is First to Pass Third-Party UE TD-LTE Test
Samsung Electronics joins IMEC research program on green radios
América Móvil Launches World’s First SDR-enabled GSM/UMTS Converged Network Using Huawei’s SingleRAN Solution
mimoOn demonstrates real-time end-to-end LTE on industry leading embedded processors
National Instruments Introduces PXI Express Reconfigurable IF Transceiver for Software-Defined RF Test and Prototyping
ZTE Wins AVEA 3G Deal
Texas Instruments unites speed and efficiency with industry’s fastest dual, 14-bit ADC
ZTE Readies Fresh Assault on Europe, US
Agilent’s compact receivers form RF sensor networks
Thales’ Liberty Liberates Comes Through Clearly for Certification
Morpheus Reconfigurable Processor Announced
Harris Corporation to Acquire Tyco Electronics Wireless Systems
IMEC unveils tools to speed up design of energy-efficient multi-processor SoC platforms
PA Consulting examines whether the time is right for SDR in terminals
Ascom Introduces High Performance LTE Scanner
Software defined radios help agencies communicate
Portable and Rugged RFID Reader/Mobile Computer
Making cost-effective telecom base stations
QNX Ships First Multi-Core RTOS to Achieve Common Criteria Security Certification
SDR Projects Presented at European Defence Agency
Thales, a major player in the field of software-defined radio
Cambridge Consultants demos GSM PHY on picoChip
Alcatel-Lucent Infrastructure Uses SDR for CDMA to LTE Upgrade
ZTE Unveils North American Strategy for LTE
Hughes Announces Agreement with SkyTerra and TerreStar to Implement GMR1-3G Satellite Air Interface on Chipset for Wireless Handsets
Infineon Emerges with Satellite + Terrestrial SDR design win
Using software modems to enable low-cost, converged wireless
Imagination Technologies DVB-H White Paper
Embedded Systems in SDR and Cognitive Radio
SDR Forum Announces 3rd Annual Smart Radio Challenge
Elektrobit chosen for European SDR Program
NASA plans improved ‘Internet in space’
Can SDRs Save Power?
Agilent EDA software targets SDR PHY development
2009 DSP Directory Published
An SDR revolution?
Huawei Technologies announced its SDR-based SingleRAN/LTE truck
Hong Kong scores a first with SDR-based HSPA+ mobile network
Sandbridge SDR Selected as ACE/EE Times Insight Award Finalist
ZTE first to demonstrate voice over EV-DO Rev B
4G mobile designs call for programmable chips
picoChip launches eight-user HSPA femtocell reference design
Software-defined instrument addresses multiprotocol wireless tests
Samsung Partners with Sandbridge to Develop Next-Gen LTE-Capable Platform
Octasic SDR targets GSM/EDGE basestations
Mobile World Congress (MWC): Observations from Barcelona
T3G Completes World’s First TD-LTE End-to-End Application Demonstration on Multimode Soft Modem Platform
NXP name dropped as ST-Ericsson powers ahead
Renesas : Development systems allows re-configurable communication
CEVA Unveils Industry’s Highest Performance DSP Architecture for 3.5G/4G Terminals and Infrastructure SoCs
ZTE SDR Solution Nominated for GSMA’s 14th Global Mobile Awards
Software-defined test platform targets LTE
SDR software mounts TI’s LTE-ready chip
Analysis: SDR chip proves itself on BDTI benchmark
The 2008 VC Liquidity Drought In Charts
Smartphones Set for Growth in 2009
SDR Insider