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July 2007

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Best of Breed

July 30, 2007

Just returning from a week of vacation and catching up with emails.

Amongst the mountain of messages, I see that Rich picked up on a perfect example of our SIP Architecture and that leverages the "best of breed".  See: Another IP Communications Choice   The key to this announcement is that a well established company with strong customer relationships was able to pull together the industry's leading enabling technology companies.  By using SIP, years of hard work on the part of the vendors can come together very quickly to create packaged customer solutions.

The combination of partners gives Aastra a very unique position in the market.  I bet we'll see some great end-customer stories in the future.

About Me

July 19, 2007

Welcome to "The SIP Invite", a forum by Alan D. Percy to discuss SIP and a wide range of enabling technology used in creating the next generation telecommunications solutions and our personal pursuit in making the dream really come true.

For those of you that I have yet to meet, a little background about myself...

I started my career in telecommunications as an embedded systems software engineer back in 1985, developing call accounting systems and very primitive messaging systems for hotels.    Remember when we used to care about the cost of phone calls?? 

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