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August 2007

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Getting ready for Internet Telephony

August 27, 2007

With less than two weeks until Internet Telephony, we here at AudioCodes are putting the final touches on a number of interesting and informative sessions and we'd love to see you participate:

“SIP Trunking From 10,000 Feet”
Speaker: Alan D. Percy, Director of Business Development, AudioCodes.
Session Code:SIP-04
Date: Monday 9/10/07
Time: 12:30-1:15pm   “AudioCodes Executive Showcase - Taking your application to the next level”
Speaker: Alan D. Percy, Director of Business Development, AudioCodes.

What happened to Skype?

August 23, 2007

By now, everyone who cares has heard about the Skype outage (see: Skype Outage Article).  This is not another blog entry about reliability, peer-to-peer vs. centrally managed applications or about Skype's twisted use of other's PCs for their infrastructure.  Instead this is a discussion about popularity.

SIP Trunking - What Challenges Lie Ahead?

August 22, 2007

Unless you have been living in a cave the last few years, you know that hundreds of service providers have popped up with the plan to sell telephony services to enterprises via SIP.  SIP Trunking offers the promise of eliminating the separate TDM (T1/E1 or Analog) trunking to the local telephone company, replacing it with services over existing or dedicated broadband internet.

However, IMHO the promise is far from being delivered upon and there are a range of issues that we in the industry must solve before charging ahead.  What challenges?  See the article I just had published in Internet Telephony : Feature Articles - SIP Trunking: What Challenges Lie Ahead?


Interview on VoIP Blog -

August 13, 2007

Last week, Rich Tehrani and I had an opportunity to compare notes on a few questions:

You can see the full interview at:

Video Telephony or Video Services

August 3, 2007

This last week I've been doing some reading and discussing with others the role that video will play in our daily lives and communications needs.  Just as background, we have two Tivos at home and the Slingbox that Jeff gave us at VON last year.  And yes, I have the mobile slingbox client loaded on my phone.

Since having and using Slingbox for the last year, I'm a convert and yes, I am convinced that people will pay for video on demand services via the Internet (both broadband and mobile). 

SIP Strategy

August 2, 2007

We've been working with a wide range of application developers over the last five years.  Initially working with our VoipLib API, we found that the traditional CTI architecture had some real limitations that needed to be solved to allow developers to grow their business and fully migrate to Voice over IP.

As a result I've put together a paper and have been hosting a series of webinars on the challenges and solutions to this challenge.  A copy of the full paper can be found at:



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