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November 2007

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SIP Trunking - where is this going?

November 26, 2007

After spending this fall at a number of industry events, talking to customers and giving some serious thought to the topic, it's now becoming clearer how SIP trunking will really play a role going forward.

First, a couple observations / predictions:

#1 - SIP Trunking is really a misnomer - it really should be "Media Gateway Service Provider".  Think about it - if you really distill it down, the concept of SIP trunking is just about where the media gateway resides and who owns it. 

Webinar on Conferencing / Collaboration Applications

November 2, 2007

As part III of our continuing series on building applications based on SIP, I'm hosting a live webinar next week to show how SIP fits into conferencing and collaboration solutions.

Building Applications with SIP - Conferencing / Collaboration Solutions

Thursday, November 8, 2007, 2:00pm ET 11:00am PT

Global organizations utilize conference calls as a very important business tool for collaboration. Multi-branch organizations were the first to recognize the value in voice and video conferencing services to economize on travel costs and to coordinate business activities. Other smaller organizations have also begun to recognize that having access to easy-to-use conferencing resources speeds collaboration efforts with clients and suppliers.

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