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December 2007

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A look back at 2007 and thinking ahead to 2008

December 20, 2007

A couple recognitions from the last 12 months:

AudioCodes' Break Free Campaign (see: - way back in early summer, we were on a conference bridge discussing how to create some new activity with the application developer community, trying to show them how they could abandon their legacy APIs and make the move to SIP+MSCML for their new applications.  We devised a plan that included a combination of web-based advertising, webinars and live speaking slots to introduce the concept and show some specific example applications.  With the fantastic help of the Marcom team at AudioCodes, TMC, Paracon and Alliance Systems we blew the lid off our original plan, making by far the most successful community development program that I have ever experienced. 

Broadband Internet for the masses

December 10, 2007

In reading this morning's paper, I saw an article about something that I have been preaching for the last few years: Broadband Internet Accessibility.  See: The Buffalo News: Buffalo News Editorials: Boost Internet access

Those of us that live in urban or suburbia are lucky in that we have access to a range of choices for broadband internet service.  This allows us to choose between DSL, Cable and Fiber optic technologies needed to connect our homes and businesses to the internet. 


December 3, 2007

Imagine if the US Government found an un-charted new island, just off the coast of Florida with plenty of ready-to-develop shovel-ready beach front property, and decided to parcel the island up and auction it off to the highest bidders.   Sound crazy?  Well that's exactly what is happening over at the FCC this next year as the 700 MHz band is freed up by ending analog television transmissions.

While I'm a huge proponent of creating space for new services and giving opportunities for new business to capture this unique opportunity, I worry about how this is working financially. 

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