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January 2008

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More on The Facebook Paradox

January 18, 2008

If you recall back in October, I posted a blog article about the intersection between personal and professional "friends" on Facebook and other social networking sites.

I noticed this morning that USAtoday picked up on the issue and published a lengthy article about the issue.  It's good reading and expands on what I have been sensing would be an issue going forward.  Fortunately, it sounds like Facebook is adding functionality to their offering that will allow creation of "circles", providing some insulation between our social and profession lives.

Fax - SIP+T.38 to the Rescue!

January 18, 2008

After yesterday's webinar on fax, I'm overwhelmed. 

When we were developing the plans and presentation materials for yesterdays webinar titled "Fax - SIP+T.38 to the Rescue", our expectations were that a few "fax gurus" would join in and we would have a small very focused 20 - 30 person session on a rather deep dark secret of the industry. 

AudioCodes Global Partner Conference

January 15, 2008

This last week was very successful and action packed week for a number of our partners, AudioCodes staff and myself at the AudioCodes Global Channel Partner Meeting.   The event brought together 220 of the leading AudioCodes global channels, leading ISV partners and key AudioCodes executives for two days of introductions, information sharing and a little socializing beautiful and historical Jerusalem.

Shabtai Adlersberg, AudioCodes CEO during his opening keynote

A lesson in over-engineering

January 4, 2008

Over the Christmas break, my father and I were talking about interesting events in his life when he slipped into his office to retrieve some pictures.  He returned with the below collection of pictures his father took of the Antarctic Snow Cruiser as it came through little Avon, NY in November 1939.  This behemoth of a machine was designed to be a complete mobile living quarters and laboratory that could traverse wide open and frigid Antarctic continent.  It was so big, they had to drive it from the factory where it was built in Gary, Indiana to Boston where it could be loaded onto a ship for transport to Antarctica. 

Conferencing / Collaboration Whitepaper

January 2, 2008

For those of you that have been following our series of webinars on SIP-enabled applications, we just posted my most recent whitepaper on conferencing / collaboration applications:

SIP Conferencing/Collaboration
Global organizations utilize conference calls as a very important business tool for collaboration. Multi-branch organizations were the first to recognize the value in voice and video conferencing services to economize on travel costs and to coordinate business activities. Other smaller organizations have also begun to recognize that having access to easy-to-use conferencing resources speed up collaboration efforts with clients and suppliers.

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