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May 2008

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SIP Survivability and Security - Q&A

May 13, 2008

Thanks to all of you that participated in last week's webinar on SIP Survivability and Security, especially those that posed some great questions.

For those of you that missed the live event, you can find a link to the recording at:

As promised, find below the Q & A that we were unable to address during the live event:

Q: Do / Will we offer FLASH hard drives for the M1k OSN? A: We have been asked about this before, but once we looked into the cost/benefit balance, both our customers and product management team decided not to proceed.  We're always monitoring the storage market and would be interested in knowing more about applications that require the level of hardened storage that FLASH drives offer.    Q: Are there plans to support LDAP for user authentication in the future? A: At this time we only support RADIUS   Q: Is audiocodes already, or  in the process of becoming a member of any of the voip security organizations, VOIPSA, etc.? A: AudioCodes is a member of and monitor the activity at many different industry organizations (including the SIP Forum), but we are not currently members of the VOIPSA.   Q: Is there any plans to implement S/MIME encryption in addition to SIPS?

SIP Survivability and Security Recording is Now Available

May 9, 2008

Thanks everyone that registered and attended Wednesday's webinar on SIP Survivability and Security.  We had a great turn out and appreciate your attendance.

My apologies again for the technical difficulties at the start - Stephanie (our host) was unable to connect to the VoIP conference and it knocked us out of sync.

Anyhow, for those that missed the live event, you can find the recording at:

Also, I'm still working with our Product Management team to research a few of the technical questions that were posed and should have answers by Monday.

VON - End of an era

May 8, 2008


I've been holding my tongue on this topic for since word first got out that PulverMedia had been shut down by it's investors.  I figured that like most rumors, they were only partially true.  In this case, it seems they were true.  The resumes are rolling into our marketing department - confirming what was reported.

Somehow the end of VON has hit me in a way I didn't expect. 

SIP Survivability and Security

May 6, 2008

 In all my travels and discussions with both Enterprise and Service Provider customers, one topic of discussion that gets far more attention than all the others is SIP Survivability and Security.  It seems that all the benefits of SIP have opened up many new applications and network configurations that solve service and scalability barriers.  However, now that SIP has entered the real world, there are some serious challenges that remain....

I'd like to invite you to a discussion on these challenges and share with you some interesting solutions.

Join me Wednesday, May 7th at 2 PM EDT for 

"SIP Survivability and Security"

With the increasing adoption of SIP in the enterprise and service providers, many network designers have been engineering solutions around SIP, leveraging the flexibility and modularity advantages. However, those same designers also have concerns about survivability and security.

Keeping in Touch

May 5, 2008

I'm feeling guilty - it has been weeks since my last posting to the "The SIP Invite".  This spring has been a particularly busy time of the year for me and unfortunately, blogging took the hit when allocating time/resources.

With that, I'm making a promise to get regular weekly messages on this blog, keeping you informed of new developments in SIP and the market.

Staying in touch.....
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