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March 2012

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"Dumb Pipes"? Lessons from the Electric Company

March 5, 2012

Much has been discussed during my recent travels about whether Internet access is a basic human necessity - reinforced by a recent survey and report from Cisco.   Frankly it doesn't surprise me - access to the Internet has clearly become a core utility enabling business and our economy to move forward.

As the Internet becomes a core utility, a related question is will the Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs), wireless providers and cable operators will have to settle on a role in the market as a "dumb pipe"  (meaning delivering IP connectivity as their primary offer) vs. content and applications.

If history is any lesson, new utilities (like the founding of General Electric by Thomas Edison in 1890), create a product looking for an application and customers.  To get the market started, utilities will often manufacture and sell products that create demand for the utility services. 

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