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August 2012

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SIP Trunking Tour - What did we learn?

August 3, 2012

This summer I was fortunate to participate as a speaker and co-sponsored a traveling road-show along with Sonus and Cisco to Las Vegas, Chicago, San Francisco and New York City, spending a day in each city - educating a variety of businesses on SIP Trunking.

The format of the events included a educational track, presented by either David Stein, Stein Technology Group or Jim Allen, Independent Consultant.  After these presentations, the audience and sponsors participated in an extended open discussion/Q&A session, diving deeper into SIP Trunking implementations.  After the discussion sessions, a panel of end-customers with real-world experience took over, sharing their stories of both success and headaches.

One of the real benefits as a presenter in this type of event is hearing from real end-users, learning about their issues, concerns and plans for the future.  Here's a few real eye-opening observations:


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