8 Steps to Unified Communications - Step 8

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8 Steps to Unified Communications - Step 8

Going mobile

UC Migration - Slide11.JPGSo far, we’ve unlocked the power of Microsoft Lync for unified communications in your customer’s head office and branch offices – now there’s only one frontier left to tackle before we can call this solution complete: mobility.

While many businesses today leverage mobility to provide access, communications and connectivity to their highly-mobile employees, many of them do so without integrating it into their unified communications environment. That means that mobile workers are missing out on the many advantages enjoyed by their office-bound counterparts, including presence and instant messaging. Not only are they working blind, they’re paying more for the ability to do so – using up minutes from their expensive monthly allotment and almost inevitably being driven into fees for overages.

Fortunately, there’s an app for that.

AudioCodes’ MobilityPLUS mobile applications are available for iOS, Android, Nokia Symbian and Windows Phone platforms, and bring many of the now-familiar unified communications experiences to mobile workers’ smartphones. Click-to-call, presence and IM are all a breeze with MobilityPLUS. And even better – MobilityPLUS enables users to use WiFi or even 3G/4G voice networks (depending on the mobile carrier) for voice calls. This makes keeping in touch with the office while on the road as easy as finding the nearest Starbucks or other hotspot.

MobilityPLUS applications connect into the MobilityPLUS server, which takes care of SIP registration requests and connects them through to Microsoft Lync over SIP. The MobilityPLUS server can be run as an appliance on the Mediant 1000 media gateway or as a standalone server running Windows 2008 R2 64-bit edition.

And with that, we’ve built out in eight easy steps, a solution that transforms your customer’s communications infrastructure from a stagnant and expensive analogue phone system to the vibrant, ever-adapting, solutions-rich unified communications solution that incorporates video, chat and IM, integrated SIP-based telephony, and mobility. Your customer is saving money, ready for the future, and taking advantage of the investment Microsoft is putting into Lync, which it calls its next billion-dollar product.

Now that you’ve read through the eight steps to a complete unified communications solution, I invite you to get in touch with AudioCodes to discuss the next steps for making this great solution a reality for your customers. You can reach us via the Web, or by phone at (888) 586-4743.

Thanks for joining us for this blog series, and I hope to be helping you to do some unified communications conversions for your clients in the near future.

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