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| Observations by Alan D. Percy on VoIP enabling technology, industry and our personal reach for success.

About Me

Welcome to "The SIP Invite", a forum by Alan D. Percy to discuss SIP and a wide range of enabling technology used in creating the next generation telecommunications solutions and our personal pursuit in making the dream really come true.

For those of you that I have yet to meet, a little background about myself...

I started my career in telecommunications as an embedded systems software engineer back in 1985, developing call accounting systems and very primitive messaging systems for hotels.    Remember when we used to care about the cost of phone calls??  Ah, those were the days!  Along the way I was the lead developer for some industry-first embedded messaging systems, did some fascinating work in the fixed wireless industries and over the last 10 years have been focused on Voice over IP enabling technologies. Somewhere along the line I stepped out of the lab and into sales and marketing (like many before me, I got hooked on travel and being in front of customers!) 

Today I call my home leading the marketing strategy for our Enhanced Applications efforts which has give me some real unique opportunities to see the market from the inside.

My objective for this blog is to share some of this perspective with you and create a two-way dialog on where we are, how we got here, and where we need to go next.

However, life is not 100% work and I hope to share the occasional personal experiences as we travel together.

So buckle-up, keep you hands and feet inside the ride....here we go!


Disclaimer:  The thoughts, opinions and comments posted on this blog and related pages are solely my own and are not the representative of AudioCodes or any past employer. 

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