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Phone or No Phone? The UC Debate.

I participated in an interesting and animated discussion during the opening night of this most recent Lync Conference in Toronto Canada that...

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Vonage Mobile Adds Video Calls

After 12 years as a voice-only business, Vonage is finally making its first foray into video conferencing with the announcement of free...

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"Where do IMS and WebRTC Intersect?"

The IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) is an architectural framework for delivering IP multimedia services. It is based primarily on SIP as...

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WebRTC Webinar Q&A #2 "Why WebRTC when we have Skype?"

“Why  WebRTC when we have Skype”?” This is a really good question.   After all, Skype is the dominant real-time communications technology...

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What if All VoIP Carriers Were Connected Transparate Style?

"What if every carrier could be in direct contact with all other carriers on this planet? Sounds like a big idea ......

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Big Changes at Broadvox

Just over a year ago, big changes happened at Broadvox. Bruce Chatterley, who was CEO of Speakeasy until MegaPath absorbed Speakeasy and...

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That Sound You Heard Was The Hard Drive Market Crumbling

Flash memory has already made major inroads in data centers and on Macs and PCs – augmenting hard disks by prefetching...

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