On the road to VON.x and Digium|Asterisk World

March 14, 2008

This next week is going to be a busy one with the re-monikered "VON.x" (what was wrong with VON?), and Digium|Asterisk World all at the same time and under the same roof.  I've been invited to speak at five different sessions in both events, so you may see me running from one end of the building to the other during the week.

Where you can catch up with me during the show:

Tuesday, March 18th
1:30 pm: Digium|Asterisk World Theater – Building Reliable SIP Solutions using Digium|Asterisk (Part I)
2:30pm -3:00 pm: VONDEX Theater – Taking SIP from the Lab to the Bank
4:15 pm: Digium|Asterisk World Room A7 – The Strategic Purpose of Open Source (panel)

Wednesday, March 19th
2:00 pm: - Building Reliable SIP Solutions using Digium|Asterisk (Part II)

Thursday, March 20th
10:45 am – 12:00 pm: VON.x – Designing High Availability VoIP Solutions (panel)

If you'd like to catch me one-on-one, I'd highly recommend making an appointment by dropping me an email at:  alan.percy@audiocodes.com

SIP Beyond VoIPLastly, as a special treat to my readers and participants in past webinars: If you stop by the AudioCodes booth #827 and ask the questions "Show me how to Break Free?", we'll give you a FREE copy of SIP Beyond VoIP

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