iPhone Shame?

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iPhone Shame?

I had an interesting experience today at lunch - for the first time since the new shiny iPhone was released, I saw someone exhibit "iPhone Shame" - that's the realization that in their rush to get the newest cool gadget, they really did overpay for their phone.  And even the manufacturer agrees!

This is how it goes:  Someone at the table notices the new iPhone and says "hey is that the new iPhone?".  The previously-proud owner says "yea" and pushes it under a napkin while everyone at the table thinks "boy I hope that poor sucker gets his $100 rebate"

Refunding half of the difference between the original and current price of the phone was a pretty stand up gesture, but the shame of others knowing that you got taken will last far longer.

Pain and pleasure on tech's cutting edge: IPhone's early adopters ride out price cut

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I live near greenwich, CT where overpaying is a badge of honor. I am not sure the shame will last. After all, there are still millions going into Starbucks each day. :)

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