Verizon FiOS and Tivo - Finally a Fix?

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Verizon FiOS and Tivo - Finally a Fix?

Tivo HD.jpgIt's been a while since my last post on my Verizon FiOS and Tivo experience and a few things have changed, so I thought it would be time for an update.

Tivo Upgrade - first and most importantly, sometime over the last couple months, the folks at Tivo have finally figured out a software solution to the picture "pixelation" that was occurring with Verizon FiOS.  Sometime ago, my Tivo automatically updated to the latest 11.d version software and to test the upgrade, pulled all the attenuators out of the line.  Results: it works!

verizon_fios_250.jpgWith the picture quality issue now behind me, it was time to finally buy that second Tivo for the TV in our master bedroom.  It arrived a couple weeks ago and installation was much easier (now that I know the drill).  

By the way - one very important installation detail:  Tivo HD is shipped from the factory with an old version of software (really old), so you need to give it a day after you complete the initial configuration to perform the automatic software upgrade before worrying about the picture quality with Verizon FiOS.  Once the upgrade is completed, the picture quality should be corrected.  

I really love having two Tivos in the house now - the networking feature allows you to record on one Tivo and play back on the other.  Sounds silly, but it has already cured a couple domestic disputes in my household.  The choice between watching "Dancing with the Stars" or "How It's Made" had required moving to different rooms/TVs.  Now it doesn't matter which Tivo records the show, you can watch it on either one!

Closing Thoughts:
After all the original installation headaches, it seems to me that Tivo HD and Verizon FiOS are now working perfectly together.  Great user interface, built-in NetFlix client, fantastic picture quality - I finally have my peanut butter and chocolate!

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I wasn't aware Tivo had a built in Netflix client.I like the idea of being able to record on one and watch on the other.

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