Mediant 1000 MSBG Webinar Recordings and Q&A

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Mediant 1000 MSBG Webinar Recordings and Q&A


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Thanks everyone that joined us during the webinars he hosted during this last two weeks. Your participation and questions made the sessions a learning experience all around.

If you missed one of the webinars, you can View a Recording.

Some of the Q/A from the sessions:

Q: What about CIC or Vonexus as 3rd party IP-PBX hosted application?
A: The Mediant 1000 is fully certified with Interactive Intelligence CIC and Vonexus.  We've also tested the Interactive Intelligence Proxy server on the OSN processor, but the full CIC or Vonexus application is too big for the OSN server.

Q: What type of management does this unit have?
A: The Mediant 1000 (like almost all AudioCodes products) is managed via a web user interface, SNMP, a CLI or our Element Management System.


Q: Can you tell me the max # IP to IP calls you can support at one time? Same question, this time with security? SRTP?
A: The current 5.4 version of firmware supports 60 simultanious IP to IP calls, with or without security and SRTP.

Q: I am hoping this is not premature, but I notice when referring to analog lines, we only discuss outgoing.  How configurable is this unit to recieve analog calls and have them routed through SIP?
A: Our gateways support pretty sophisticated inbound routing, using an embedded proxy that allows for a number of routing rules. 

Q: What and how many physical interfaces does the product offer
A: The Mediant 1000 supports T1/E1, BRI, FXO and FXS telephony interfaces.  On the WAN side, the product offers Gigabit Ethernet today and we have xDSL and POS on the roadmap.

Q: What are the capacities of this box as far as phone and or IP users? What types of IP phones will be supported?
A: We've been certified with a long list of different phones.  Cisco, Polycom, Snom, Grandstream...

Q: Will the MSBG be supporting PoE?
A: No - we looked at Power over Ethernet and decided that most applications would need an external switch with a large number of ports for IP-PBX applications and thus that switch would most likely provide the POE.

Q: do you plan to support H.323 to SIP interworking on the MSBG?
A: Yes, one of the IP-to-IP mediation modes allows H.323 to SIP conversion.

Q: Is Mediant gateway OCS compatible out of the box, or some special firmware is required?
A: Yes, the Mediant 1000 and 2000 are both OCS certified.

Q: any plans for a T1wan interface?
A: Yes, the timing is TBD.

Q: Is it going to have DHCP capabilities?
A: Yes, the Mediant supports DHCP client and the router feature will support DHCP server features.

Q: How many LAN ports will it be able to handle for LAN Users?
A: The base CPU module on the Mediant 1000 MSBG will support three LAN ports and an optional module will add four more ports.

Q: Will the unit support transcoding?
A: Yes, the current 5.4 software in the Mediant 1000 supports transcoding between a wide range of voice coders.

Q: Do you see this as a competing product with Cisco's Unified Communications Manager Express solution?
A: This is a platform that a customer/partner can use to build a direct competitor to CME, but by itself, it is not.

Q: Please explain specifically remote surviveablility
A: Remote survivability is accomplished using our SAS feature, which uses an internal proxy to capture the on-premise phone device registrations and forwards all call control messages when the WAN is up.  If the WAN fails, the proxy goes into "emergency mode" and takes over, allowing phone to phone and PSTN calling.

Q: How many SAS users will it be able to handle?
A: Up to 100 phones in the current release.

Q: Are there any plans from upgrading OSN to more powerfull machine?
A: Yes, we have a faster/more powerful CPU in the works, but it's too early to provide specifics.

Q: What is an internal storage capacity?
A: The OSN has up to 1 Gbyte of RAM and 80 Gbytes of HDD.

Q: Are there plans to bring out msbg versions of the mediant 600 or mediant 2000 platforms?
A: No, not at this time.

Q:  Any plan to have integrated Proxy/Registrar or it should be deployed on OSN (or externally of course)?
A: As noted, there is a embedded Proxy within the unit today, but there are customers that would prefer to use their own (Asterisk) and many use the OSN server to host their proxy. 

Q: can the OSN ordered with Windows or a flavor of Linux pre-installed?
A: Yes, it can be ordered with just the OS or a complete customer-supplied image pre-installed on the HDD.

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