Still getting ready...

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Still getting ready...

Most of us are headed to LA on Sunday and time is running out for those last minute presentation preparations.   This week has included a flurry of conference calls with the various panelists, making sure that our logistics and presentations are ready.

I'm real excited about the session we are preparing on SIP Trunking:

SIP-04: “SIP Trunking From 10,000 Feet”

In discussions with the other panelists, there seems to be a general consensus that the market is really excited about the prospect, but confused and concerned about interoperability and security.  We've decided to focus on those topics and really drill down on how we plan to solve those challenges.

The other session that is taking my time is the Executive Showcase - without giving away the contents of the session, I'll just let you know that my good friends Doug and Hank will revisit us (from the January 2006 keynote) to give us an update on their development projects.

Off to the airport on Sunday afternoon - see you in LA!

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