Conferencing / Collaboration Whitepaper

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Conferencing / Collaboration Whitepaper

For those of you that have been following our series of webinars on -enabled applications, we just posted my most recent whitepaper on  / applications:

SIP Conferencing/Collaboration
Global organizations utilize conference calls as a very important business tool for collaboration. Multi-branch organizations were the first to recognize the value in voice and video conferencing services to economize on travel costs and to coordinate business activities. Other smaller organizations have also begun to recognize that having access to easy-to-use conferencing resources speed up collaboration efforts with clients and suppliers. Whether using a traditional TDM , an or a hosted service provider, is seen as a key technology going forward to help tie organizations together and dramatically reduce the costs of conferencing.

As voice is virtually ubiquitous in all conferencing applications, this whitepaper will focus on the voice component, whether from PSTN callers or from web-based conference clients. We'll save the other media types for future whitepapers

Click here to download your own copy.  Happy reading!

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