Fax - SIP+T.38 to the Rescue!

January 18, 2008

After yesterday's webinar on fax, I'm overwhelmed. 

When we were developing the plans and presentation materials for yesterdays webinar titled " - + to the Rescue", our expectations were that a few "fax gurus" would join in and we would have a small very focused 20 - 30 person session on a rather deep dark secret of the industry.  Can you imagine my surprise when during the first few minutes of the session the participant count kept climbing and climbing to over 160 people!  Talk about standing room only. 

After 45 minutes of presentation and another almost 30 minutes of Q/A, I was toast.  There were some fantastic questions that I was able to address, but because of time limitations, we were unable to get to dozens more great questions.

The session moderator, Erik Linask published a great summary of the webinar.

What does this mean?  It can mean only one thing - there is serious pain in the VoIP industry when it comes to delivering reliable fax services and people are looking for solutions.

So what can I do to help close the gap?  I've decided to use this forum to provide both a recap of the webinar and address the many questions you in the audience posed both during and after the session.  This concept of tying both the webinar and companion blog together is a new experiment, so let's give it a try.  If you have questions and didn't get a chance to pose them during the session, you can send them to me at: alan.percy@audiocodes.com

I'm starting to work on the whitepaper version of the presentation, posting pieces in this venue as they are ready.   Once the completed whitepaper is ready for download, we'll be posting it on the TMC whitepaper library.

In the mean time, the abstract for yesterday's webinar:

Fax continues to be a key communications medium for many enterprises and service providers alike. Financial institutions, real-estate, government, law offices, and many others still depend heavily on fax to transfer thousands of documents daily into and from business-critical document management and ERP systems. Many service providers and enterprises have only recently recognized the challenges associated with delivering reliable fax documents over IP networks. What are the reliability issues with fax over G.711 and how can SIP and T.38 improve the reliability? Is there a way to eliminate the expensive dedicated fax boards? How can legacy TDM fax systems connect to SIP trunking carriers? How is fax document security addressed? What is the future of fax? This session will address these questions and many others, showing how SIP and T.38 can be leveraged to create reliable and scalable fax solutions for both enterprises and service providers.

For those that missed the live event, you can listen to the on-demand version at any time.

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