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More Fax Webinar Q&A

Another great turnout for today's two webinars on "Fax - SIP+T.38 to the Rescue", thanks everyone for participating.

And more great questions:

Q: (Brian) a slide showed FAX machine - T.38 gateway - T.38 Gateway - FAX Machine.  I was under the impression that once a FAX was converted into T.38 It coudlnt be changed back into a audio FAX call.
A: Actually, a fax can be converted to T.38 and back no problem or loss of information.  This is what happens with virtually all fax calls that are transported over VoIP carriers.  It works fine.

Q: (Darren) Do your gateways support V.34 fax over T.38? Does your T.38 fax SDK? If not, where is this on your development roadmap? We have identified this as one of the major monetary objections to using T.38 instead of TDM.
A: Our T.38 Fax SDK does support V.34 transport, but at this time our gateways are limited to V.17 speeds when used with T.38.  We are working toward delivering V.34 with T.38 on our current gateways and hope to announce our formal plans soon.

Q: (Darren) Is your T.38 fax SDK available for Linux?
A: Our T.38 Fax SDK is for Windows, but there are many others on the market and do believe a few of them support Linux.  We've had many customers use T.38 SDKs from one vendor and our gateways with no interoperability issues.

Q: (Yaniv) When using an analog MediaPack gateway, can the DID/DNIS information be passed to the SIP application?
A: Absolutely - is appears in the SIP INVITE.

Q: (Roger) Will these slides/audio be available?
A: Yes, a previously recorded version of the webinar is available at:

Just as a reminder, the questions from the previous session can be found at:

You can address your questions to me at:

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